Hair loss is scary, especially when we know its more than just routine shedding. Finding out what’s causing hair loss can be tricky, but here are 8 ways to help you avoid hair loss:

Stop using hairstyles that are tight on the hairline. Braids, tight ponytails, cornrows, and similar styles that tug at the small hairs located on your hairline may cause shedding. That’s because these hairstyles pull too hard on delicate hairs, resulting in thinning or hair loss.

Ditch high heat styling. Frequent use of heat styling tools like straightening irons and blow-dryers can stress your hair out and cause fractures on your hair strands. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of hair loss, so make sure to give your hair some rest days too. (Read More: 4 Ways to Style Without Heat)

Use hair products that contain nourishing ingredients. Look for ingredients like coconut oil, biotin, castor oil and keratin. 

Make sure you’re eating a proper diet. A healthy diet with enough iron, protein, and lots of other nutrients will not only help you feel good, but look good too. Fatty acids such as those found in salmon, seeds, and nuts also help improve your hair’s strength and durability.

Manage your stress levels. Stress is inevitable, but there are healthy ways of dealing with it. Too much stress can manifest in hair loss, weight loss, and breakouts. Consider deep breathing practices, getting 8 hours of sleep, exercise, and asking for help when you need it.

Use soft brushes. A soft brush made with natural fibers is a great way to promote the production of healthy sebum on your hair and scalp. Brush your hair gently in one direction, from the top through the ends. It will only take less than 5 minutes to do this daily and it’ll do wonders for your hair. (Read more: How to choose the right hair brush).

Massage your scalp. Scalp massages are relaxing but they are also effective at promoting hair growth. These massages encourage circulation, resulting in better hair growth. You can do gentle massages whenever you wash your hair, and over time you may notice improvements. (Read More: 5 Tips for a Healthy Scalp)

Develop a Dedicated Hair Care Routine. Hair growth serums are some of the best and most effective treatments you can integrate into your daily routine, one that will give your hair some much needed TLC even while you’re sleeping, in order to promote growth and stronger strands. (Read more: 6 Essential Parts of a Complete Hair Care Routine)

With these 8 helpful tips, you’ll combat hair loss like a pro! There’s no need for pricey treatments or doing anything too invasive. A few changes like these will go a long way in ensuring that you reduce your chances of hair loss and maybe even never have to face it again.

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