4 Ways To Style Your Hair Without Heat

We all love having beautifully styled hair, but what happens when styling your hair actually damages it? In an awful cycle, you grow your hair out until it is long enough to do something with it, fall in love with curling, straightening, and dying it, and then have to chop it all off again when the damage is beyond repair. This time, you vow to treat your hair right as it grows. Well, we are here to help you keep that promise! Heat styling hair is one of the fastest ways to damage it, especially if you use heat to style your hair every day. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to style your hair without using heat. In today’s blog, we are going to explore four of those ways.

Heatless Hairstyles

For Beachy Waves: Beachy waves are the perfect summer style, and they can be easily achieved without using any heat. To perfect this look, wash your hair before bed. Pat it dry with a towel and brush a smoothing hair serum through it. When your hair is just damp, put it into braids. One or two French braids that start at the front of your head and move back will give you an all-over soft wave, whereas smaller braids will give you a tighter wave. Let your hair finish drying as you sleep and undo the braids in the morning. Tousle your hair with your fingers to make your hair look natural and fuss-free.

For Tight Curls: For tighter curls that look like there was a little more effort put in, try a trick your grandma used: pin curls. Wash your hair and follow up with a styling balm — this will help the curls hold their shape. Then, take a small section of hair and wrap it in a loop around two fingers. Continue to wrap the hair all the way up to the scalp, and then use a bobby pin to secure the loop in place. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf and allow your curls to dry as you sleep. When you undo them in the morning, you’ll be met with bouncy, ringlet curls!  

For Loose Curls: If you are looking for a loose barrel curl, try the headband technique. Start with damp hair and place an elastic headband around your head and over your hair so it sits just above your hairline all the way around. Then, take all of the hair on the right side of your head and twist it. Once it is twisted, wrap it around and around the headband until you reach the ends of your hair. Then, repeat on the other side. A quick Google search for “headband curls” should help you find some good how-to videos!

For Heatless Straight Hair: Getting heatless straight hair when your hair is not naturally straight is a little more difficult, but not impossible. Start by (you guessed it) washing your hair and allowing it to dry most of the way. Unlike the other styles on this list, you won’t need to sleep on this one. Apply a straightening or smoothing balm to your hair and brush it through. Then, clip up the top half of your hair — this will be easier to do in sections. Using a round barrel brush and the cold setting on your blow dryer, you can get smooth, straight hair without using a flat iron. Pick your hair up with the brush and twirl the brush as you pull down, keeping the cold air blowing on it. Do this all over your head until your hair is dry and straight.

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