Part III: The Icing on the Cake, Maximizing Hair Growth Results

A routine to your best hair consists of three parts. The first part starts in the shower with a great shampoo and conditioner. Check out this post for shampooing and conditioning tips. Next, eating a healthy diet and supplementing your nutrition with vitamins ensures that your hair is being cared for on the inside. This post gives you insight on what you should be eating for healthy hair and growth.

Finally, the icing on the cake to maximize your hair growth results is using hair growth serums and being cautious of hairstyling.

Hair Growth Serum

Hair growth serums give your hair that extra boost for growth stimulation. Nourish Beaute BURST Hair Growth Accelerating Serum uses advanced stem cell technology to stimulate dormant roots and activate new growth.

This serum is made with organic Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Caviar Extract, Arnica, Green Tea Extract and award winning, patented RedensylTM

How to Use BURST Hair Growth Serum:

  1. Nourish Beaute BURST Hair Growth Serum should be applied directly to your scalp twice a day.
  2. The serum only needs to be applied to areas affected by thinning.
  3. Pump a penny size amount onto your hands and and gently massage into your scalp.

BANG Brow Renewal Serum

While growing the hair on your scalp, you may want to improve the appearance of your eyebrows. You can grow thicker and fuller brows by using the Nourish Beaute BANG Brow Renewal Serum. Simply apply the brow serum using the wand and a combination of organic and active ingredients work to renew your eyebrows. 

Maintenance and Hairstyling

After all your hard work, be mindful and careful of how you maintain and style your hair. Use the following tips to maximize your hair growth results through maintenance and styling:

Keep your Hair Clean

Know your hair and keep it clean. Determine whether or not it should be shampooed every day. For some, shampooing a couple times of week is good enough as anything more may cause your hair to dry out. Be sure to choose a shampoo that is proven to maximize hair growth results.

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Check out the first part of our series on your best hair: It Starts in the Show - How to Properly Shampoo and Conditioner your hair.

Keep your Hair Conditioned

One of the best things you can do to help your hair grow is keeping it moisturized. After each shampoo apply a natural conditioner. Rinse hair with water (as cold as you can handle) to help seal in all the nutrients in your scalp.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat-based treatments are the worst thing you can do to your hair. Not only
will it end up frying your hair, but it can cause brittle, damaged hair that will take
months to heal. If you frequently blow dry your hair or use a hot iron to style, let your
hair rest for a few days a week. These devices are generally safe but over time they can
affect hair growth and health. The more you avoid heat, the faster you’ll see results!

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Be Careful with Cotton

Cotton is really harsh on your hair, and unfortunately, we have it in almost all of our clothing, towels and sheets. The coarse texture can cause split ends, and create small craters on the hair shaft which results in frizzy, dry looking hair.
When your hair is wet and fragile, cotton can be especially damaging. When you get out of the shower, resist the urge to wrap your hair up in a towel. Instead, gently blot your hair dry. If you have to wrap it, use microfiber towels to reduce friction. Also consider trying a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction from movement while you sleep.

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Go for Regular Trims

Every time you sit in the stylist’s chair, you don’t have to chop your beautiful long locks off. However, trimming just an inch or two every 4-6 weeks will reduce chances of developing split ends and therefore preserve the end of the healthy hair that’s growing.

Keep Your Hairstyles Simple

The less you have to fuss about your hair, the better your hair health will be. Avoid styles when your hair is being pulled too tightly either around the edges of your hair or gather together. Too much hair manipulation and pulling can cause thinning edges and even weak hair strands that may break and snap off. Avoid knots and tangles by gently combing through your hair from ends to roots and try to let your hair “be” as much as possible.

Give your hair the TLC it needs by adding a hair growth serum to your well-maintained haircare routine. Be sure to check out Part I: It Starts in the Shower With a Great Shampoo and Condition, and Part II: Weight Loss and Hair Loss, What You Need to Know of our series on your best hair.


nourish beaute total hair growth systemWhile Nourish Beaute products are best known for treating hair loss, they do so much more than that!

Formulated with natural botanicals, vitamins and oils, our products are designed to leave your hair softer, stronger and more manageable. Get the healthy, nourished hair you crave and try the Nourish Beaute Total Hair Growth System!

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