What Is Redensyl Hair Serum And How Can It Help Prevent Hair Loss?

There are a lot of ingredients that claim to be the secret to hair loss prevention. Whether they are in a hair loss shampoo and conditioner formula or in a hair growth serum, it can be hard to make sense of the latest proven treatments for hair loss. Our goal at Nourish Beaute is to not only provide you with hair loss products that work but to help you understand why and how they work.

Today’s post is going to focus on Redensyl, an active ingredient in our Burst hair growth serum and Bang Eyebrow Growth Serum. Keep reading to learn more about Redensyl, or head over to our hair growth products page to learn more about our hair loss shampoo, conditioner, serum, and other natural products.

What Is Redensyl?

Redensyl is a breakthrough hair loss treatment that contains a newly-discovered molecule called dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), a compound derived from plant extracts that targets the stem cells in hair follicles and encourages the division of the cells. It also contains other natural ingredients for hair growth including anti-inflammatories and amino acids that make up hair proteins. Redensyl has often been touted as the best alternative to hair transplants because it is natural, non-hormonal, and encourages hair growth at a cellular level.

How Does Redensyl Work?

Redensyl is inspired by regenerative medicine and targets the outer root sheath cells (ORSc), which are hair follicle stem cells. Stem cells are found throughout the body and are responsible mainly for tissue repair and are able to replicate better than non-stem cells. Hair follicle stem cells play a big role in hair growth and are critical in initiating the anagen (growing) phase of the hair cycle. The active molecule in Redensyl, DHQG, triggers the division of ORSc which results in hair regeneration and growth. At the same time, it discourages activation of the telogen (shedding) phase of the hair cycle.

Redensyl Vs Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the main active ingredient in many over-the-counter and prescription hair growth shampoos and products, such as Rogaine. Many people who use our hair loss prevention treatments have used or currently use products with Minoxidil.

While Minoxidil has been shown to promote hair growth, it is unknown why or how it works. It is believed to work by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and widening the hair follicle, but Minoxidil has also been shown to have some negative side effects because of how harsh it is on the skin. Redensyl is a natural alternative that is clinically proven to work by encouraging the division of hair stem cells, leading to hair growth and has not reported any negative side effects or interactions. Clinical studies have even found that Redensyl promoted hair growth two times better than Minoxidil. You can read the entire study performed by Induchem here.

The good news is that because Nourish Beaute products do not contain any drugs, hormones, or otherwise harsh chemicals, it is safe to use our natural products with Redensyl and Procapil together with products containing Minoxidil. We recommend switching over gradually from Minoxidil hair growth products so as to not “shock” your scalp.

Try The Redensyl Hair Serum From Nourish Beaute

Redensyl is one of the most scientifically advanced options when it comes to hair loss prevention and stimulation of hair growth. Clinical studies have shown that it can bump hair follicles into the growing phase while reducing the number of follicles in the shedding and dormant phases of hair growth. This combination means more hairs are growing on your head and fewer are falling out. Our hair growth serum, which contains Redensyl, is full of other natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair you already have. All Nourish Beaute products are natural and free of hormones, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. Shop our collection of hair growth shampoo and conditioner today, and don’t forget to add Nourish Beaute hair growth serum to your hair care routine!