What Is Redensyl Hair Serum And How Can It Help Prevent Hair Loss?

There are a lot of ingredients that claim to be the secret to hair loss prevention. Whether they are in a hair loss shampoo and conditioner formula or in a hair growth serum, it can be hard to make sense of the latest proven treatments for hair loss. Our goal at Nourish Beaute is to not only provide you with hair loss products that work but to also help you understand why and how they work. While a magician might not reveal their secrets, we will. That’s because at the end of the day, what makes your hair grow isn’t magic, it’s science. Join us today as we get to the root of how hair grows and why certain active ingredients can boost that growth.

Today, we’re going to be focusing on Redensyl, an active ingredient found in a number of hair growth products. At Nourish Beaute, our Redensyl products include the Burst Hair Growth Stimulating Serum and Bang Eyebrow Growth Serum. Keep reading to learn more about Redensyl, or feel free to head over to our hair growth products page to learn more about our hair loss shampoo, conditioner, serum, and other natural products.

The Best Ingredients for the Best Hair

What Is Redensyl?

Redensyl is a breakthrough hair growth treatment that targets hair growth at the cellular level. There are four important ingredients in Redensyl that work together to create the perfect recipe for hair growth:

  1. Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), a compound derived from plant extracts that targets the stem cells in hair follicles and encourages the division of the cells.
  2. Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2), an anti-inflammatory that helps to keep the scalp healthy and happy by capturing free radicals
  3. Glycine, an amino acid that makes up hair proteins and is associated with keratin
  4. Zinc, which reinforces the hair shaft structure, making it stronger

The Redensyl ingredients above are responsible for helping the hair cells divide and the hair grow, while the nourishing ingredients in our hair growth serum like biotin, keratin, argan oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and caviar extract help to keep the hair silky soft and healthy. Because Redensyl has often been touted as the best alternative to hair transplants because it is natural, non-hormonal, and encourages hair growth at a cellular level, it is quickly becoming one of the more popular options for those looking for a solution to hair loss.

The Science Of Hair Growth

Before we move further into how Redensyl works to help hair grow, it is important to understand how hair normally grows. Hair growth happens in three stages that vary in duration. We will discuss these three stages of hair growth in a moment, but first it is important to understand the one true reason why hair grows at all: cell division.

Cell Division And Hair Growth

Like all things, hair is made up of cells. For the hair to grow, the cells must divide. Because the hair we can see outside of the scalp is dead, those cells no longer divide. Therefore, the living part of the hair, the follicle, is the part that is responsible for hair growth. When hair grows, it might appear as if the growth is happening at the ends of the strand of hair, but it is actually occuring at the root and pushing outward — this is why you can see the natural hair color at the roots on dyed hair.

Hair cells divide by mitosis, one of two methods of cell division. A single cell divides by replicating its DNA and chromosomes before it splits into two identical daughter cells. The daughter cells then divide themselves into more identical pairs, and so forth. This continues throughout the growing phase of the hair cycle, increasing the length of the strand of hair as it does so. Redensyl hair products work to target the hair cell division process to increase the amount of hair growth.

Combat Hair Loss at a Cellular Level

The Three Stages Of Hair Growth

The first stage of hair growth is the anagen phase, or the growing phase. During this phase, hair cells are dividing inside of the hair follicle, creating a longer strand and helping your hair grow. This phase typically lasts for two to seven years and the length of time often depends on your genetics. Hair can only grow so quickly, so if you happen to have a 2-year growth cycle, your hair may never grow beyond your shoulders, whereas another person with a 7-year growth cycle or longer might be able to grow their hair down to their waist or knees.

The second phase of hair growth is the catagen phase. This is a transitional phase lasts about a week to ten days, during with the hair shaft shrinks and detaches from the dermal papilla, a small bump inside of the hair follicle where the shaft anchors itself and receives nutrients during the growing phase.  

The third and final stage of the hair growth cycle is the telogen phase, or the resting phase. During this phase, the hair shaft is still inside of the follicle, but it is not strongly anchored. These so-called “club” hairs are awaiting the moment when they are pushed out by the incoming hair that is beginning to form below it. Eventually, the new hair will push out the old hair and emerge from the scalp, restarting the growing cycle.

Thankfully, not all the hair on your head is in the same phase at the same time, as this would result in us going completely bald every two to seven years or so. In most cases, about 85 to 90 percent of the hair on a human scalp is actively in the growing phase, whereas the remaining hair is either transitioning and detaching from the dermal papilla or is dormant and awaiting its time to be shed. It is normal for humans to lose between 100 and 150 hairs on any given day, and most of these hairs disappear unnoticed, save for the stray pieces that get caught on your clothing or in your hair brush. When you notice clumps of hair falling out or wake up to a pillow covered in hair, then you know it might be time to take action to reduce hair loss, as there is likely something triggering your hair to move prematurely into the final two phases of hair growth.

How Does Redensyl Work?

Redensyl is based on the science of regenerative medicine and targets hair follicle stem cells, called the outer root sheath cells (ORSc). Stem cells are found throughout the body and are responsible for tissue repair and self-healing. Hair follicle stem cells play a big role in hair growth and are critical in initiating the anagen phase of the hair cycle. The active molecule in Redensyl, DHQG, triggers the division of ORSc which results in hair regeneration and growth, even when those hair follicles has been dormant for some time. And while it triggers the growing phase of hair growth, it also works to prevent the telogen phase, meaning your hair has a longer period of growth before that follicle rests again. In this way, it helps your hair follicles to favor growth over loss, helping to increase the overall number of hairs on your head, as well as the quality and length of those hairs.How Does Redensyl Work?


Redensyl Vs Minoxidil

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What is the difference between your hair growth products and others that I’ve seen on the market?” Like we said at the beginning of this page, hair growth products do not work by magic, and there is always an ingredient or combination of ingredients responsible for helping hair to grow. Of the main active ingredients found in hair growth products is Minoxidil, and many wonder how Minoxidil differs from Redensyl, Procapil, or other alternatives.

Minoxidil is most well-known for its role in Rogaine hair products. Many people who use our hair loss prevention treatments have used or currently use products with Minoxidil, as they are commonly available over-the-counter or through prescriptions. And while there is no denying that people have had success with Minoxidil, many are looking for more natural and safer options.

While people who use Minoxidil products do frequently see more hair growth, it is unknown why or how it works. This is partially due to the fact that it was originally developed and marketed as a high blood pressure medication. However, doctors soon noticed an odd side effect: increased hair growth and even regrowth following male and female pattern baldness. Unlike other hair growth ingredients that block DHT to increase hair growth, Minoxidil is believed to work by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and widening the hair follicle. Though, like we mentioned above, scientists are unable to pinpoint exactly how Minoxidil increases hair growth, especially when other similar blood pressure medications do not have the same effect. And while effective at increasing hair growth for some, Minoxidil has been shown to have some negative side effects because of how harsh it is on the skin and its ability to be absorbed by the skin. These side effects can range from burning and itching at the application site, inflammation and soreness of the scalp, and in extreme cases when too much of the product is absorbed into the body, the result can be dizziness, chest pain, blurred vision, headache, and irregular heartbeat.

For those wondering about Redensyl side effects, this gentle yet powerful formula has not encountered any negative side effects or negative interactions with other hair growth products. And while many people subscribe to the belief ‘no pain, no gain,’ clinical studies have found that Redensyl resulted in hair growth that was two times greater than Minoxidil without the bad side effects. You can read the entire study performed by Induchem, but the results were very much in favor of Redensyl over Minoxidil.

The good news is that because Nourish Beaute products do not contain any drugs, hormones, or otherwise harsh chemicals that could cause irritation, it is safe to use our hair growth products with Redensyl together with products containing Minoxidil. If you are currently using Minoxidil products, we recommend switching to Nourish Beaute so as to not “shock” your scalp. Start by alternating the products every other day, then move on to two days with Nourish Beaute and one day with your other products, and continue expanding the length of time between Minoxidil products until you are only using Nourish Beaute.

No Magic. No Harsh Chemicals. Just Science.

Try The Redensyl Hair Serum From Nourish Beaute!

Redensyl is one of the most scientifically advanced options when it comes to hair loss prevention and stimulation of hair growth. Clinical studies have shown that it can bump hair follicles into the growing phase while reducing the number of follicles in the shedding and dormant phases of hair growth. This combination means more hairs are growing on your head and fewer are falling out. Our Redensyl hair serum is full of other natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair you already have. All Nourish Beaute products are natural and free of hormones, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. Shop our collection of hair growth shampoo and conditioner today, and don’t forget to add Nourish Beaute hair growth serum to your hair care routine!

Why Nourish Beaute?

We are not the only company that uses Redensyl as our active ingredients, but we do think you’ll be happier with us than any of the competitors. While we are just as determined as the others to help your hair grow, we are also committed to ensuring that your new hair is healthy and strong so it can look and feel its best. Our hair growth products are free of alcohol, hormones, yeast, gluten, dairy, and parabens — the last of which has been proven to be harmful to hair yet many companies still include it in their products. We also make our products in the United States of America under strict standards and guidelines and never test our products on animals.

That’s not even the best part! The best part is that when you choose Nourish Beaute, we will honor a 90-day happiness guarantee. We are so confident in the science behind our products that we will refund your purchase if you are not happy with the results within 90 days. Make sure to try our Redensyl hair serum today to discover the difference that this new technology can make when it comes to hair growth!

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