DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, a naturally-occurring metabolite in your body. DHT is the primary cause of hair loss among men and women. DHT is created in the human body when androgen reacts with 5-alpha- reductase. It usually occurs in the prostate glands as well as the adrenal glands, testes, and hair follicles.

Although DHT is important for early development, it can have serious consequences for adults. However, there are ways you can manage the effects of DHT, such as baldness or hair loss.

Bald Males Have More DHT

DHT isn’t completely bad. Without this metabolite, boys wouldn’t become men. DHT is also considered a sex steroid, because during puberty it’s partially responsible for lowering men’s voices as well as the presence of hair on the chest.

But higher levels of DHT are associated with balding men, and is the reason behind the typical male pattern baldness which is when most hair in men is only found in the back of the head. While in some people, DHT and hair can peacefully co-exist, others are more sensitive to DHT which results in baldness.

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How DHT Causes Hair Loss

DHT doesn’t actually cause your hair to fall out. Instead, its presence inhibits the ability of hair follicles to create hair, affecting the overall hair growth cycle. Once DHT attaches to receptor cells of predisposed hair follicles, it prevents important vitamins, proteins and minerals from nourishing life within your hair follicles. This causes the follicles to shrink, so hair is produced at a much slower pace.

As a result, the resting stage of the hair growth cycle is either lengthened, or the growing phase is shortened.

How To Prevent Or Treat DHT-Induced Hair Loss

Alkaline Food

Studies show that a diet high in alkaline food obstructs 5-alpha reductase’s ability to convert testosterone to DHT, which reduces hair loss. However, the typical Western diet is rich in acidic food such as dairy, refined sugar, meat, and grains. Eat more alkaline foods such as fresh fruit, spices, vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds.

DHT-Blocking Shampoo

If you’ve been using chemically-formulated shampoo, it’s time to switch to a natural, healthier option. Shampoos formulated with DHT-blocking ingredients as well as hair growth and thickening ingredients can prevent further hair loss while helping you grow hair back.

These are the shampoos you should be using because they are designed to treat hair loss, male pattern balding, alopecia, receding hairlines, thinning and fine hair.

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Hair Growth Vitamins

Supplement your diet with hair growth vitamins that contain vitamins, minerals, and herbs as well as natural DHT blockers such as green tea, saw palmetto, biotin and polyphenols. Hair growth vitamins work in conjunction with an alkaline diet and DHT-blocking shampoo to treat DHT-induced hair loss, alopecia, male pattern baldness, and other problems related to hair loss.


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