Reasons Why Women Suffer From Hair Loss

For both women and men, when it comes to hair loss, genetics are to blame. When men suffer from hair loss, it’s clearly visible because it affects the crown hairline resulting in frontal loss.

On the other hand, women’s hair loss patterns are different in the sense that it’s gradual and diffused, making it less obvious. The most common reasons women experience hair thinning and hair loss can vary from simple to more complex.


Physical stress

If your body is experiencing extreme stress due to severe illness, a car accident, or any kind of physical trauma, this can result in temporary hair loss. This condition is called telogen effluvium, which occurs when the body goes through an extremely stressful event.

Emotional stress

Although emotional stress is less likely to affect hair density than emotional stress, it can also happen. Women that are going through serious emotional stress caused by divorce, grief, or other similar painful life events may exacerbate hair loss rather than precipitate it.

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Protein deficiency

When the human body doesn’t get enough protein, it tries to make up for it by slowing down or completely stopping hair growth. This may occur up to three months after a reduction in protein intake.


Many different kinds of hormonal changes can affect hair loss. From pregnancy hormones to menopause and switching birth control pills, these changes in the body can also cause telogen effluvium. This occurs because androgen, the male hormone, on the scalp become activated.

Vitamin B deficiency

Low Vitamin B levels are rare in the American population but when it happens, it can easily be corrected. The most effective way to address a Vitamin B deficiency is by taking supplementation as well as eating more natural Vitamin B sources such as lean protein, good fat, fish, non-citrus fruits, and starchy vegetables.


Around 10% of women aged 20-50 suffer from anemia brought about by iron
deficiencies. However, this cause of hair loss is easily fixed by taking an iron supplement.


Also known as having an underactive thyroid gland, hypothyroidism occurs when the glands in the neck no longer produce adequate hormones resulting in hair loss.

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Sudden weight loss

Losing a dramatic amount of weight over a short period of time can trigger physical trauma, causing thinning hair. Even if weight loss is a positive thing for most women, it could also be possible that the weight loss caused the body stress. Particularly, if a restrictive diet let to significant nutrient loss.

If you suffer from any of the conditions above, see a doctor to get treatment. But as early as now you can be proactive about helping your hair grow by taking hair growth supplements.


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