Winter Hat Hair Got You Down? Here’s What You Need To Know To Look Your Best

When the winds begin to whip and the snow starts to fall, our natural inclination is to bundle up. This is a simple decision and helps make winter more manageable. For those who suspect that their hair is starting to thin or simply have “fine” hair on their head, leaving the house -- sans hat, of course -- is the order of the day. That’s because a warm winter hat or beanie is going to (literally) depress the hair on your head and reveal areas that are already lacking. If you’re looking for ways to combat this during the winter, while still keeping warm when you head outside, then this article is for you. We’ll shed light on some of the best hair growth products that can turn things around while suggesting other best practices for the cold stretch that’s already going on in your town.

Step 1: Go with the Flow

First and foremost: “Hat hair” happens to all of us. The problem for those researching the best hair growth products is that hat hair can exacerbate an already apparent problem. To solve this, pick a one-length or wavy style that makes hair look fuller or embraces erratic strands, respectively.

Step 2: Know the Facts

Your parents always warned you that wearing a hat all the time would “make you go bald.” In some regards, they were right. In other ways, time, genetics and dirty headwear all took a toll on your scalp. It’s true that winter hats like a beanie can restrict circulation. Making matters worse is that if this headwear isn’t clean, you are exposing your hair to close-quarters combat with more dirt, sweat and oil than it can handle. Good Housekeeping magazine also suggests that you only wear hats made from quality products like cotton or wool, as synthetic fibers cause static that makes hair look worse than it is.

Step 3: Lend a Hand

Fortunately for those with thin or fine hair, there are vitamins that make your hair grow. There’s also hair growth products for women that can rejuvenate the scalp and follicles during the winter when Mother Nature isn’t being the least bit helpful. Combo sets of conditioner and hair regrowth shampoo are available for men and women! These products from Nourish Beaute are loaded with vitamins, all-natural ingredients and are cruelty-free.


Step 4: Best of Both Worlds

If you plan to spend hours outdoors in single-digit temperatures, wear a hat and bring a comb. The former will keep you warm and healthy while the latter can be used to brush some life back into your locks after you come indoors. Face it: There will be times when wearing a hat is unavoidable and you’ll thank yourself later for doing so. Just be sure to research hairloss shampoo as a way to address an ongoing problem.

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