4 Low Maintenance Styles for Winter 2018

With busy schedules, many women look for hairstyles that take less styling time and 

are easy to care for. This season there are many great low maintenance styles to try. We’ve narrowed down the list to 4 amazing styles that will work for almost everyone.

sleek bob cut

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1.Sleek Blunt Cut Bob

This cut is a timeless classic that is always in style. It is also one of the easiest to care for. The sleek blunt cut bob goes great with just about any color choice, and takes less time to manage in the morning.

one length cut

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2. One Length Cut

The one length cut inspires embarrassing fine hair, and opting for easy maintenance. One length makes hair look fuller at the ends which is key for those with fine hair to give the illusion of fullness. One length cuts can vary, so it is optional at what the desired length is, just get a blunt cut at the ends.

straight or wavy tousled

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3. Straight or Tousled Wavy Hair with Face Frame

This hairstyle can be played with a little. If you have wavy hair you can just air dry and let it fall naturally. The key to this style is the cut. A face frame with minimal layers makes upkeep a breeze. The style also plays well with almost any color choice and hair texture type.

mid length layers

4. Mid-length Layers

This is a very easy style, and perfect for fine or thinning hair. It requires little maintenance and can accent color choices beautifully. There aren’t too many lawyers with the mid-length layers, just enough to add dimension.


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