Extreme weather can affect the health of your hair, and harsh winters are no different. The
cold, dry winters combined with exposure to radiator heat often leads to dry, brittle hair, and an equally dry and itchy scalp, resulting in shedding.

Despite this, many people still misunderstand the proper way of treating your hair during the winter. These are the most common winter hair myths with explanations debunking them:

Myth 1 - Vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin C, only benefit the immune system.

Your entire body benefits from vitamins, especially your hair. In particular, Vitamin C, doesn't just help strengthen the immune system and protect you from colds; it also contributes to healthier hair growth. Essential hair vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, biotin, iron, and niacin play an important role in providing nourishment to hair follicles and promoting hair growth beyond the roots.

Use this to your advantage by adjusting your diet, using vitamin-enriched hair growth products, and consuming supplements that make up for vitamin deficiencies that are common in winter, especially those from an absence of fruits and vegetables that are normally available throughout the rest of the year. Taking care of your hair and avoiding nutrient deficiencies in winter is easy with hair growth vitamins that are made with scientifically proven hair nutrients to prevent hair loss during winter.

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Myth 2 - Winter hair loss can be prevented just by using styling products

One of the most widespread myths about winter hair is that applying hair products, or using styling tools such as a flat iron, are the only solutions available to effectively deal with dry, frizzy hair. The truth is that these tactics can actually make your winter hair problems much worse. No matter how nourishing a hair product may seem, topical hair products often contain high levels of alcohol and other chemicals that remove moisture from hair, contributing to the dryness and frizzy quality.

Additionally, heat-based tools such as blow dryers and flat irons, particularly those that are used in high temperatures, can damage the hair because they break down the valuable keratin in your hair. This results in thinning and shedding hair. Winter is a good time to let your hair breathe and grow properly, while giving your styling tools a much- needed break. Instead, condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner for some TLC.

Myth 3 - Less oily hair is healthy

During summer, it’s common to experience an oilier scalp and hair. The opposite is true when winter comes around, but this doesn’t mean that less oily hair equates to healthier hair. While excess oil should definitely be addressed, flaky and dry hair from winter also contributes to problems such as brittle and unhealthy hair, resulting in shedding and hair breakage. The correct solution to treating a winter scalp and preventing dandruff is by using a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to give your hair the optimum conditions for healthy hair growth.

Using hair products fortified with vitamins and minerals will also help moisturize and clean the scalp to prevent hair loss.

Nourish hair from within with the right healthy routine, care and products to ensure healthy hair growth not just in winter, but throughout the year.

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