Our hair is something that we’re proud of, whether it’s long or short. Hair is something that gives people confidence and individuality as they style it to match their personality. For many men and women each year, hair thinning is an unfortunate reality. When you start noticing the signs of hair thinning there’s only one question that comes to mind – why?

Identifying Hair Thinning 

Before you can determine the cause of your hair loss you have to identify that the thinning is happening. On average, people lose about 100 hairs per day. If you begin to notice a sudden increase in the number of hairs in your hair brush or shower drain, you may be suffering from thinning hair. For people with shorter hair, the first sign is typically a receding hairline or a visible decrease in the amount of hair on the top of the head. 

Hereditary Hair Loss 

If hair loss has affected anyone else in your family, you’re immediately at a higher risk yourself. Hereditary hair loss is predictable, typically striking each family member around a similar age. There isn’t much you can do to prevent hereditary hair loss altogether, but you can take steps to delay the process. If you know that you’re susceptible to hair loss due to family history, you should be extra gentle with your hair. 

Heat Tools

Heat tools are one of the leading causes for hair thinning, in both men and women. Heat tools are any styling tool you use that requires heat. The most common offender is your everyday hair dryer, and tools like straighteners or curlers for those with long hair. Reduce the effects of hair thinning from heat tools by limiting your use of them. Whenever you have the time you should let your hair air dry naturally and avoid heat to style. 


Even if you’ve avoided heat tools, your styling could still be the cause of your hair thinning. Heavy styling products used each day will weigh your hair down and slowly clog hair follicles. As hair gets weighed down it will begin to fall out faster and noticeable thinning will soon occur. Avoid thinning from styling by using the minimum amount of product necessary. Opt for salon quality or all-natural products to do as little damage as possible. If you’re unsure of what products your hair needs, as your hair stylist for advice. 

If you hair has begun thinning, don’t stress! Take these steps to help reduce thinning in the future. You can even work to repair some of the thinning that’s already happened by using our keratin rich hair regrowth shampoo. Hair growth shouldn’t require extra time during your morning routine, just a change in what products you’re using! 

Use Nourish Beaute’s Hair Growth Products for Lasting Results

Nourish Beaute offers several hair growth products free of hormones, nourishing oils, drugs and dairy. Our hair growth products are also 100% cruelty free! If you’re looking for a shampoo that leaves strands thicker, opt for the Vitamins Hair Growth Support Shampoo. The Burst Hair Growth Accelerating Serum is infused with stem-cell technology for quicker hair growth, while our Hair Growth Support Restorative Mask not only promotes healthy hair growth but it repairs dry, damaged and over-stressed hair. 



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