I'm Losing My Hair... What Can I Do?

Shedding hair is a normal occurrence; it’s a part of everyday life. Sure, it can be a nuisance to clean up clogged shower drains, or having to vacuum frequently. But it’s pretty normal to lose 80 up to 100 hairs a day.

Now if you’re shedding much more than that, or you’ve noticed that your hair is no longer growing back, it’s time to take action.

Nutrition to Promote Hair Growth

Eating a nutrient-dense diet with lots of healthy fat and protein can help you achieve longer, stronger locks. B vitamins are particularly essential; if you aren’t getting enough of it, this can interfere with hair growth.

Great sources of B vitamins are chicken, eggs, pork, fish and leafy greens including spinach. Diet alone isn’t enough to halt hair loss, but it definitely is a key component to thick, healthy hair.

Use Wide Toothed Combs For Wet Hair

Did you know that your hair is in its weakest state when it’s wet? This is why you shouldn’t brush your hair while it’s wet since this greatly increases the chances of hair loss and breakage. If you absolutely need to brush your wet hair, opt for a wide-toothed comb instead. It also helps to avoid brushing too often since it can increase hair loss and damage your hair. It’s best to use your fingers to gently undo any tangles.

Mild Shampoo

Take a closer look at the ingredients in your shampoo bottle. You might actually be washing your hair with harsh chemicals that contributes to hair loss. Opt for mild shampoo instead, one that’s designed to take care of your hair while keeping your scalp clean.

When you shampoo with gentle products regularly, it helps reduce the risk of dandruff and bacterial infections as well which can lead to hair loss or breakage. As an added bonus, clean hair always gives the impression of much more volume.

Essential Oil Massage

Many people find that an essential oil scalp massage is a relaxing way to stimulate hair growth. All you’ll need is a drop or two of lavender essential oil diluted in sesame or almond oil. Gently massage your scalp with this mixture and leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water and mild shampoo.


When you aren’t getting enough water, your body is dehydrated. But not everyone knows that dehydration can actually affect hair growth (or lack of it). The human body is made up of around 60 to 80% water, which is needed for cell reproduction and health. Without adequate water intake, this will slow down hair growth.

Even if you’re already using hair growth supplements and hair growth shampoo, without water, the very cells that help your hair grow won’t be able to reproduce. Besides, water is cheap, accessible, and will do your body lots of good.

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