Is This Working? Your Guide to Boosting Your Results!

If you have started treatment for hair growth, the hardest part is waiting for results to appear. In general, it takes at least 30 days to start seeing any kind of growth, however, in many people it can take 45-60 days. Patience is the name of the game. It helps to know what signs to look for to show you new hair is on the way.


Some darker haired people may begin to see a shadow in the follicles (think 5 o’clock shadow!) when the follicles have entered into the active growth phase. The hair shaft is formed when Keratin and color pigment cells accumulate. If the pigment cells are dark they can create a shadow appearance.


Peach fuzz is a good indicator that growth is possible. Even though the fuzz appears fine, weak or discolored, it’s a good sign that substantial growth is possible. Growth during this phase is very light or can appear colorless due to slow color pigment formation. Usually, the color will return although some medical conditions or illnesses will prevent that. It’s important to remember hair in this stage is very fragile and needs to be handled gently! 

Substantial Growth

After a few months of treatment, after the first signs of growth begin to appear, the new hair will become sturdy. At this point, it can begin to grow substantially. Hair grows approximately 1cm. a month. When it comes to growing hair out, expect it to take some time!


Boosting Results:

While hair growth will always be a slow process, there are a few things you can do to boost your results.

Eat Well

Proper nutrition is paramount for healthy hair growth. Failing to get enough protein, fat or calories can all result in hair loss and hair thinning. Getting the right vitamins for hair growth including biotin and folic acid can also boost your results, and can even help your nails grow stronger and clearer. Using a vitamin supplement for hair growth is an easy way to ensure you are getting all of the proper nutrients your body needs to facilitate healthy hair growth.

Using Multiple Growth Factors

Using more than one patented growth factor is a great way to multiply your results. Each of our Nourish Beaute Hair Growth products is formulated with a different growth factor. Combine the power of clinically proven Redensyl (TM), found in our BURST Hair Growth Accelerating Serum with the clinically proven growth factors in our Premium Organic VITAMINS Shampoo, or Original Formula VITAMINS Shampoo to get the most bang for your buck!

Proper Hair Care Routine

Hair is just like any other living thing... If you want it to thrive, you need to take good care of it. A proper hair care routine is essential for healthy hair. Your routine begins in the shower. Make sure you are using a shampoo and conditioner with nourishing botanicals, conditioning oils and vitamins and minerals.

Take care not to brush wet hair or pull hair into tight ponytails (and avoid metal clasps whenever possible). Exercise and eating well are part of your hair care routine as well. Blood flow to the scalp is critical for protein building and hair growth.

Hair growth is a painfully slow experience, but with the right tools, you can help your body speed up the process!


nourish beaute total hair growth systemWhile Nourish Beaute products are best known for treating hair loss, they do so much more than that!

Formulated with natural botanicals, vitamins and oils, our products are designed to leave your hair softer, stronger and more manageable. Get the healthy, nourished hair you crave and try the Nourish Beaute Total Hair Growth System!

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