The Truth About Biotin for Healthy Hair Growth

The Truth About Biotin for Faster Hair Growth

Does Biotin really help hair grow?

Biotin is fast becoming the most well-known hair growth ingredient in the market. Biotin supplements and shampoos are everywhere. But, does Biotin actually work for hair growth or is it just hype? Let’s get to the truth of how Biotin affects healthy hair growth.

Biotin Helps Hair Production

Your hair is made of the protein keratin. Biotin is an essential ingredient for hair growth because it helps form the amino acids to create keratin. 

Although biotin is necessary and effective for hair growth, it is not enough on its own. If only it were that easy! Biotin is just one part of the nutrition you need for optimal hair growth and simply taking a biotin supplement will not provide you everything you need for strong, healthy hair. Look for a supplement like Nourish Vitamins with a complete nutrient profile to get maximum results.

Our bodies produce Biotin

Biotin is naturally produced by our bodies, May factors can decrease the amount of biotin the body produces including medications, stress, and lack of sleep. Using a biotin supplement ensures you have enough, and signals your body to create and grow hair and skin cells, making your hair healthier and more abundant.

Biotin is found in Food

Biotin is available in eggs, sardines, nuts, whole grains, cauliflower, and mushrooms to name a few. Unless you are dedicated to tracking biotin content in each of the foods you eat, it can be hard to get to the total daily requirement for optimal hair growth. Many people turn to hair growth supplements to fill in the gaps.

MYTH: Biotin is Dangerous!

Biotin is not considered a toxic substance and there are no known drug interactions, so it is very safe. As always, if you have some type of medical condition or are on medication, you should check with your doctor before taking any supplement.  

So, does biotin really help hair growth?

Yes, it does, but it is just one of many nutrients that contribute to hair growth. Biotin alone will not fix the problem. NOURISH Hair Growth Support Vitamins are formulated with 24 vitamins and minerals including biotin.

Every ingredient was chosen for its ability to nourish the roots at the cellular level for fast hair growth, scalp restoration, stronger nails and clear beautiful skin. Make sure your supplement is complete. Learn about the 10 best vitamins for hair growth



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