Hair plays an important role in the human body. Aside from offering protection for the head, hair also helps stabilize body temperature. However, when people start to experience hair loss, they are usually affected by how this makes them look.

This is a normal sentiment. Hair loss is immediately obvious because hair is a
feature that is easily noticed. People go to great lengths to ensure that their hair looks good at all times and thinning hair can be distressing. Hair loss occurs due to a number of factors:

• aging
• damaged hair follicles
• seasonal changes
• fungal infections

how aging affects hair loss


As people get older, changes in the appearance, quality, and quantity of hair is inevitable. The presence of melanin, a pigment produced by hair follicles, is what gives hair its color. During the aging process, hair follicles tend to produce much less melanin but aging also causes several other changes that lead to thinning hair.

In the hair growth cycle, it’s normal for hair to fall out and be replaced by new hair. Strands of hair usually live for up to six years, but as a person gets older it takes much longer to replace the hair. In fact, it’s not uncommon for hair follicles to eventually stop producing new hair, which causes bald spots on the head. Strands that are produced in older age also have less pigment and are much thinner. This is the reason why at age 25, a person who may have had healthy, dark thick hair may experience thin and light colored hair by the time they reach 50.

Usually, the first sign of aging is the appearance of white strands, and over time all hair turns gray or white due to the reduction then absence of melanin. In men, the effect of aging on hair loss can often begin as early as 30; but sometimes even younger. A natural decrease in testosterone which also occurs with aging in the male body contributes to baldness. On the other hand, hair loss for women is also caused by hormonal changes due to aging which can make the scalp more visible.

Taking hair growth supplements and using shampoo formulated to prevent hair growth may be effective in delaying the signs of aging on hair. Hair loss in men or women shouldn’t be a cause for concern, provided that it occurs gradually. This is natural since it comes with age. For some individuals, hair loss as a result of aging can occur earlier in life while others experience it much later. But for those who notice sudden hair loss, such as having handfuls of hair found on pillows or coming out in the shower, this may be a sign of a serious underlying health problem. If you notice sudden hair loss, it’s important to seek medical attention so that a doctor can check if there are other health issues that need to
be addressed.

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