8 Colors to Complement Your Long Tresses This Holiday Season

8 Colors to Complement Your Long Tresses this Holiday Season

Looking to spice up your long locks this fall/winter? These eight color trends are guaranteed to be some choices that you will fall in love with. From different techniques and styles to an all over color change, there is something for everyone this season. Check out the top eight that are perfect for longer hair and will compliment anyone's style...

Hand Painted Highlights

While foils are still used for highlights, the trend for hand painting highlights is growing. Hand painted highlights add for a more natural effect, and when placed correctly offer a sun kissed look all over.


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Bright Blonde Highlights for Face Frame

If you have longer hair and are wanting to stand out, getting bold bright blonde highlights around your face will add some accent to your overall look.


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Multi Blonde

One hot trend this fall is the use of multiple blondes. Using platinum, caramel, and even golden to highlight and lowlight creates a wealth of dimension and looks fabulous.


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Ashy Brunette

This hair color is a deeper brown with cooling tones of ash. It is a great way to change your all over color for fall/winter.


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The Richest Red

Looking for a color to compliment your fair skin and bright eyes, then the richest red might be a great option. It is vibrant and warm and looks great on long tresses.


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Chocolate-y Brown with Caramel Highlights

This popular option adds the warmth of golden highlights throughout the richness of the chocolate brown all over. It is definitely a great option for those looking to go darker this


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Dark Roots to Golden Blonde

Going darker at your roots and having ribbons of golden blonde throughout create a bold look. The bonus to this look is upkeep is minimal if you have darker roots already.


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Icy Platinum Blonde

Sure this look might not be for everyone, it requires a lot of lightening to achieve. The icy blonde almost reaches a silver hue, and is absolutely stunning. Wanting to grow your hair out and have healthier hair? Try Nourish Beaute and their line of products to keep your hair well-maintained. After coloring it is the perfect companion for daily maintenance.


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