5 Tricks for Fuller, Healthier Looking Hair


Hair loss can be a natural, but unfortunate part of illness and aging. Here are a few hair tricks that make your hair look and feel awesome!

Here are 5 ways to make your hair look fuller and healthier!

  1.  Throw away your "firm hold" hairspray.  
    When you think about "grandma's hair," what comes to mind?  Whatever style your grandma was wearing, chances are that style was meticulously held in place by a bottle of hairspray.  It would take a hurricane for a hair to fall out of place.  Stiff hair makes you look older.  

    For a more vibrant look, opt for a hairspray that allows movement.  That doesn't mean that it won't hold your hair in place.  Hair that bounces and moves looks alive and radiant

  2.  Choose the Right Color-
    The days of platinum blonde and darkest black may be behind you! Sometimes the looks we loved in our youth don't work as well as we age. Extremely light or extremely dark colors can pull the tone and radiance out of your skin, and leave you looking older and duller.  Want fuller looking hair?  Opt for panels one to two shades darker on the underside of your hair.  This slight contrast creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair! 

  3. Choose a Cut with Shape- 
    Layers add shape and movement to you your hair.  Hair that moves is more youthful, and hair with shape is more flattering to your face.  Ditch the single line cut and opt for something softer.  If your hair is very thin or very straight, choose a blunt cut (blunt does not equal shapeless!) over layers, as layers can make really thin, straight hair look even thinner!
  1.  Moisture Moisture Moisture!
    Dry hair is not radiant hair.  Keep your locks hydrated by moisturizing at every step.  In addition to what you put on your hair to moisturize, you will also want to make sure you are staying hydrated.    

    If you use heat to style your hair, make sure to start with a protecting creme to minimize heat damage.  Adding in a deep conditioning treatment once a week will also help keep those locks hydrated, shiny and beautiful.
  1.  Using the Right Shampoo-

    Volume, style, and health all start in the shower!  Make sure you are choosing a shampoo specifically designed to help create growth and volume.  Choose a shampoo that delivers nutrients like Biotin, and nourishes your hair with healthy oils like coconut oil and castor oil.  Premium Organic  


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