Why Serums Complement Hair Growth Shampoo

If you want to combat hair loss or encourage the growth of longer, thicker hair, add growth serums to your hair care regimen. Using serums provides your hair with the nutrients that it needs to stimulate hair growth and not just when you’re washing your hair with shampoo.

Serums are designed to remain on your hair and be used on damp or towel dried hair, whereas shampoos are used for a complete wash. Serums contain active ingredients that stimulate the scalp and hair roots, encouraging new hair growth in dead or dormant hair follicles. As you massage hair serums into your hair, the ingredients reboot hair follicles, which helps to effectively increase hair thickness. Serums work at a cellular level, supporting fast hair growth for both men and women for all hair types although they are widely used by those who wish to grow thicker hair, or those suffering from hair loss.

However, what makes serums more effective is when they're used with hair growth shampoo. In many ways, serums and hair growth shampoo actually complement each other. Here’s how using a serum and hair growth shampoo can give you the best results:

Use a serum that’s of the same brand as your hair growth shampoo and conditioner.

Using different ingredients won’t get you the best results, but using a serum and
shampoo from the same brand will ensure consistency in the nutrients, vitamins, and
minerals that you’re feeding your hair; which helps ensure that you’re maximizing all
the benefits for hair growth from each product.

Serums help tame unmanageable hair.

Your hair may feel soft and smooth in the shower, but after towel or a gentle blow dry, it may return to its frizzy nature. Using a serum formulated with nutrients to support hair growth not only helps to prevent thinning hair, but also helps you eliminate frizz while making it soft in no time, even if it’s been hours after your last shower.

Serums offer protection from sun damage.

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays may mitigate the growth-enhancing properties of your shampoo, but a dollop of serum can offer valuable protection. Using a serum offers many layers of protection especially during hot weather when your hair needs a little more help battling hair loss.

Keep oiliness at bay after washing.

Some people have thin, oily hair that feels like it weighs down after washing. A hair serum can help by reducing oiliness, making it much easier for you to enjoy hours of oil-free locks throughout the day.

Quality hair serums will work as a power duo wit hair growth shampoo

Choosing a serum that is made with top-grade quality and natural ingredients will complement your hair growth shampoo best. Look for serums that contain ingredients that cater to hair growth such as keratin, Argan oil, biotin, castor oil, coconut oil, and jojoba.


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