Why Is Vitamin E Good For Your Hair?

Vitamin E is getting a lot of attention lately when it comes to cardiovascular, skin and hair
health. It is known to work wonders for your immune system, promoting circulation, keeping blood sugar levels low and protects against certain cancers. Speaking of hair health, it can be found in many foods as a natural source, but is also derived and produced in capsules, essential oils, shampoos and an array of other hair health products.

In this article, you will find out why Vitamin E is so popular when it comes to hair health, and we hope you will start using it for better overall health.

why is vitamin e good for your hair

Enhances Hair Growth

Supporting your natural hair-growth cycle, Vitamin E rejuvenates the roots of your hair and
boosts the natural processes that occur to keep the hair growing. Sometimes by chemically treating the hair, by consuming a poor diet or because of the low-quality air and water we are surrounded with, the growth of hair is stalled and instead of getting those 2 centimeters of growth each month, we get none or barely a half.

In just a month, Vitamin E can reverse the damage by applying it straight onto the roots or using hair products that are made with it.

Hair Strength

Besides its hair-growth boosting properties, Vitamin E gives you stronger hair. In fact, if you incorporate Vitamin E into your health regime, your hair will look and feel stronger too. This powerful vitamin penetrates the hair cells and strengthens them from inside out, which is the right way to strengthen the hair. By doing so, it makes the cells heat and chemical resistant and it is harder for you to damage your hair even by styling it on daily basis.

Fixing Split Ends

If you are constantly getting split ends you know you need to pay regular visits to the hair
dresser and if you want to grow your hair, that’s just impossible. So how do you keep on styling your hair while growing it at the same time into a long, nourished, shiny hair? Vitamin E is your answer. By applying it directly or using products made of it, you are smoothing out those bad boys that are giving your hair a hard time.

Reversing Damage

Vitamin E is actually an antioxidant that, soluble in oil, can be used to reverse the overall damage you’ve caused to your hair throughout the years. By using conditioners rich in Vitamin E, curly hairs get lustrous locks, and straight hairs get smoothness like never before. This vitamin provides glorious deep conditioning effects by coating each hair strand to help reduce tangling and keeping your hair all in one place.

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Having all these benefits in mind, it is important to choose one or few hair products that contain good amounts of Vitamin E, and use them regularly. It is also vital to change your diet into a vitamin-rich one by eating more fruits and veggies to boost your overall consumption of vitamins, and not just Vitamin E. This is also important for the hair because it needs the entire spectrum of vitamins and minerals to thrive – just like your entire body does.


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