What Men Need To Know About Hair Loss Prevention

About a quarter of men who experience male pattern baldness will start seeing the signs of thinning hair by their 21st birthday. By age 50, nearly 85 percent of men will be experiencing some degree of hair loss. While men experience pattern hair loss much more frequently than women, they are significantly less likely to seek treatment.

Here’s What You Need To Remember

Due to immense amounts of societal shaping of social conventions over the years, the common belief is that it is okay for women to care about their hair, but it is not okay for men to care about theirs. This misconception often prevents men from seeking hair loss prevention treatment while there is still time to save those hair follicles. It can also cause men to internalize their feelings about their hair, which can lead to stress and depression, which in turn can lead to even more hair loss. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel probably felt some pang of insecurity when their hair began thinning! So, you can either fully embrace the bald like The Rock, or you can take action to save your hair and regain your confidence.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Both men and women can experience what is called “pattern baldness,” where hair thins or balds in a predictable pattern. For men, there are three main patterns of baldness. We’ll call them the Bernie Sanders, the George Costanza, and the Jude Law. The Bernie Sanders results in balding from the crown of the head, whereas the George Costanza involves a receding hairline that eventually results in a “cul-de-sac” look. The Jude Law is similar to the George Costanza, though this pattern often involves developing an extreme widow’s peak as the top sides of your hairline recede while the front-center stays put.

Medical conditions can also cause male balding, but in these cases, hair loss is normally patchy or in an unusual pattern.

What Causes Men To Go Bald?

For a long time male pattern baldness was thought to be a sign of getting older. Though, this would not explain while some men as early as their teens begin to have receding hairlines with no underlying medical condition. Recently, though, it has been discovered that the main culprit of male pattern balding has to do with hormones, and more specifically, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the male sex hormone, testosterone.

DHT, though present in both men and women, is the hormone responsible for forming male genitalia in the womb, lowering your voice during puberty, putting hair in new weird places and taking hair away from the one place you really want it: your head.

DHT targets your hair follicles and prevents new hair from growing by shrinking the follicles. This means your hair will start to grow thinner and finer, and eventually will not grow from affected follicles at all.

Use A DHT Blocker Shampoo

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