The Surprising Benefits of Panthenol for Hair

What is Panthenol and Why is it Good for Hair?

At Nourish Beaute, our hair growth products use a variety of proven hair-healthy ingredients that all play different roles. Some ingredients are in our products to help hair to grow faster, whereas others help to thicken the hair shaft. Others, still, help to nourish hair by adding luster and moisture. Panthenol is an ingredient that when used on hair, can boost shine, strength and even softness. Studies are showing that it even helps decrease the appearance of thinning hair.

Panthenol is a powerful ingredient used in many hair and skin products you see at the store. Also called provitamin B5, panthenol binds with the hair, allowing it to continue working even after you wash it off. A provitamin differs from a typical vitamin, wherein it is converted to vitamin B5 only after it binds with other molecules.

Unlike other vitamins, panthenol has a mirrored molecular structure, rather than identical molecular strands. We won’t get into the exact science, but this mirrored structure means panthenol can do double duty and will have different functions based on the products it is blended into. In shampoos and conditioners, panthenol works as a humectant, whereas in other products it might have different roles.

A humectant is an ingredient that helps skin and hair draw in moisture and retain it long after that product is washed off. Humectants are found all over nature, with some of the most common naturally occurring ones being honey and aloe.

How Can My Hair Benefit from Using a Product with Panthenol?

There are lots of great benefits from hair products that contain Panthenol. Here are some of the big ones:

  • Panthenol deeply penetrates the hair shaft to encourage moisture retention.
  • Panthenol coats each strand of nourishing layer of film to create a smooth, shiny finish with a noticeable boost to hair volume
  • Recent studies and client reviews have shown that Panthenol can reduce the appearance of thinning hair. 
  • Panthenol is an effective ingredient for detangling hair and is easily removed because it is water-soluble.

What Hair Products Contain Panthenol?




Our vitamin-infused conditioner gives your hair the benefits of Panthenol with the hair loss stopping power of DHT blockers like Baicapil™ and Redsensyl®. 






Hair Growth Serum:

We use Panthenol as an ingredient in our BURST Hair Growth Serum to hydrate and volumize your hair while our active DHT blockers like Redensyl®, encourage hair regrowth. 






Hair Mask:

This hydrating hair mask is a great supplement to your current hair routine, and is especially beneficial for those with dry or damaged hair. In addition to panthenol, this hair growth mask contains Baicapil, an ingredient clinically proven to increase hair growth.



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