What Helps Your Hair Grow? Things You Can Do Right Now

The secret to healthy, thick, and full hair isn’t actually a secret at all. There are numerous ways to make your hair grow faster and prevent hair loss. The first thing to remember is that hair can only grow so fast. Anything that promises you inches of hair growth every month just can’t deliver. Today, the hair growth experts at Nourish Beaute want to offer some tips on how to help your hair grow thicker and fuller while preventing hair loss. But first, let’s go over a few important things to remember about hair growth.

Hair Growth And Loss Quick Facts

  • Most people have roughly 100,000 hairs on their head, give or take a couple tens of thousands.
  • It is normal to lose between 100 and 150 hairs per day. Most of these get stuck in your hairbrush, go down the drain, or simply disappear into the wind.
  • There are three stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Any strand of hair can be in any of these stages at a point in time and all hairs go through these stages.
    • The anagen phase is the growing phase. This can last anywhere from two to eight years and is when the hair strand is receiving nutrients and growing.
    • The catagen phase is the transitional phase. The hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the demis, but stays attached to the head for about ten days while the new hair forms
    • The telogen phase is the resting phase, which can last about three months, after which the hair falls out from the head.
  • You cannot stop the natural hair cycle of growing and shedding. You can, however, give the hair extra nourishment and love while in the growing phase to help it grow thicker and prevent the hair from falling out more quickly than it is growing back.

How To Help Your Hair Grow

There are a few things you can do right now to start your hair growth journey by encouraging hair to stay in the growing phase longer and ensuring that the hair you currently have stays healthy. Keep reading to learn how!

  • Get Regular Trims: You have probably heard that getting your hair trimmed helps it to grow faster. Because your hair grows from the root, this is not true. However, regular trims can help to get rid of split ends and breakage, making your hair look and feel healthier and setting up a good foundation for continued growth.
  • Take Hair Growth Vitamins And Supplements: Anyone who has unexplained hair loss very likely has a vitamin deficiency. We offer hair growth supplements that contain biotin, zinc, and other important vitamins and minerals to encourage your hair to grow from the inside out.
  • Use A Hair Growth Shampoo With DHT Blockers: The best hair growth shampoos are backed by science, not promises. Our Vitamins hair growth shampoo contains natural blocks for DHT, the main chemical in our bodies that is responsible for hair loss.
  • Use Hair Growth Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo: Some people wash their hair every day, and some people wash their hair once a week. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, never shampoo your hair without following up with a nourishing conditioner. Conditioner helps infuse vital proteins and oils into the hair shaft that is stripped out when you use shampoo.
  • Brush Your Hair: Your scalp produces healthy oils that can nourish your hair. However, if the only time your hair sees a brush is right after you shower, then those oils never have a chance to reach the ends of your hair. Brush your hair before you go to bed to help draw the oils down the shaft. This can also help increase circulation, which brings us to our next tip…
  • Give Yourself A Scalp Massage: Whether you spend a little extra time working your conditioner in in the shower or want to give your head a nice massage before bed, this simple activity helps to bring blood and nutrients to the surface of your scalp and increases the circulation to the follicles.

Nourish Beaute: Your Source For Hair Growth Shampoo And Supplements

Our Vitamins hair growth shampoo has been clinically proven to help hair grow faster while decreasing hair loss. Check out our collection of hair growth products and begin your journey towards fuller hair.

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