What Foods Contain Zinc For Hair Growth?

In a recent blog post, we discussed some common foods that contain biotin, a B-complex vitamin that has been shown to improve hair growth and overall hair, skin, and nail health. While biotin might be the go-to vitamin to support hair growth, it is certainly not the only nutrient we need for full, healthy hair! Zinc also plays an incredibly important role in hair growth.

What’s The Deal With Zinc?

Many people think of a thick, white paste spread across a lifeguard’s nose when they think of zinc. While zinc oxide has long been used in everything from sunscreen to diaper rash cream to various acne treatments, zinc by itself is a powerful metallic mineral found in nature.

Zinc can benefit the immune system, brain, skin, hormone levels, digestive tract, and of course, hair production. Low levels of zinc in the body can cause problems for hair growth by weakening the protein in the hair follicle. It also plays a big part in the division and reproduction of hair cells, and without it those structures may not be able to properly regenerate.

Signs Of A Zinc Deficiency

The best way to know if you have a zinc deficiency is to have a simple blood test done by your doctor. However, a few signs that you could have low levels of zinc include hair loss, diarrhea, psoriasis, acne, extreme weight loss, pneumonia, and a few other conditions. If your doctor determines that you need zinc supplements in your diet, they will be able to give you a safe and correct dosage. Like with most things in life, frequently exceeding the daily recommended value of zinc can have negative side effects, as well as lessen your ability to absorb other important vitamins and minerals. Eating a balanced zinc-rich diet is a healthy way to boost your zinc intake while exploring some new culinary options! The recommended daily value of zinc is about 15 milligrams, so these foods will definitely help you get there!

Zinc-Rich Foods For Better Hair

  1. Oysters: Most shellfish have decent amounts of zinc, but oysters have a super high concentration. Just 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of these slippery little dudes have over 500 percent of your daily value of zinc!
  2. Pumpkin Seeds: While a cool, crisp fall might be months away, you can still enjoy some toasty pumpkin seeds! A cup of these seeds have almost 50 percent of the recommended daily value of zinc.
  3. Lamb: A 3-ounce portion of lamb will give you just about 45 percent of your daily value of zinc, as well as other hair-healthy nutrients like Vitamin B12, iron, and niacin!
  4. Cocoa Powder: One ounce of cocoa powder has about 13 percent of your daily recommended zinc intake! Whether you’re snacking on dark chocolate or making a tasty lava cake, your hair (and your stomach) will thank you!
  5. Chickpeas: Break out the hummus! Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a great source of zinc, as well as healthy carbohydrate to boot! One cup of garbanzo beans contains up to 17 percent of your daily zinc needs!

Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Hair

Adding some zinc-rich foods to your diet here and there can help keep your zinc levels normal. Of course, we’d recommend speaking to your physician before eating oysters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day! However, a safe way to boost hair production and decrease loss is by using a natural hair growth shampoo! Nourish Beaute VITAMINS Hair Growth Shampoo is free of alcohol, hormones, yeast, parabens, dairy, and gluten. It is also animal cruelty-free and made in the USA! This means you are getting on of the best hair growth shampoos online without all the harsh chemicals normally associated with hair growth products. You can learn more about how our hair growth shampoo works here!

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