Top Five 2017 Fall Colors To Complement Short Hair Styles

Now that fall is here, it's that time again to switch up hair colors. Show off your fall style with cooling colors, and dive right into richer deeper tones. This season there are some eye popping colors that us short haired ladies should take notice of. The colors are great for above the shoulder cuts, bobs, and even pixies. Let’s jump right in with the must have colors you should think about trying the next time you see your stylist.

Cinnamon Red

This deep and sultry red, is a great choice for those that are already redheads, and brunettes looking to spice things up. This deeper red has the vibes of autumn leaves, and is one of the top picks for those looking to go red this time of year.

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Rich Chocolate Brunette

This super dark chocolate is an amazing way to cool down your lighter locks for fall. It is a strong color and is an excellent way for a brunette to give a more dramatic tone to her locks.

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This is the hottest trend for 2017 fall. It is a classic spin on brunette with blonde highlights. It features darker roots, with a golden blonde highlight at the ends. This color is perfect for those with pixie cuts or even bobs!


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Sultry Silver Tones

Want to try something a little different? Silver tones are still a very hot trend, and for fall this is no exception. Dark Slate is one of the most popular, but don’t rule out other tones such as charcoal. Ombre can be achieved with short hair and silver tones, as shown, and the results are amazing!


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Ashy Blonde

Ash blonde is a very popular option for blondes wanting to stay blonde, but looking to cool their all over blonde for fall. As with other colors for fall, the roots are darker by two shades and flows to a lighter blonde with a cool tone. Darker lowlights can be added throughout to add more depth.


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