Tips for Eliminating Winter Dry Skin

4 Tips for Eliminating Winter Dry Skin

Winter is here, and with it the cracking, itchy — and sometimes painful — dry skin. From scalp to feet, and especially on hands, dry skin is a common complaint from men and women during the cold winter months. (#1: snow). However, some easy additions and adjustments to your daily routine can help keep skin soft and smooth during the drying winter months. 

Organic Body Scrubs for Dry Skin

Using an organic sugar body scrub regularly or a few times a week helps nourish skin and maintain a smooth, soft and glowing appearance. Body scrubs are often made with coffee, sugar or salt, and the grittiness helps exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells. Additionally, the body scrub exfoliation can help moisturizer better absorb into your skin. 

Look for organic sugar body scrubs with a scent you find relaxing or rejuvenating. Also, natural exfoliators, such as coffee, sugar or salt are better for the environment after they go down the drain. 

Moisturize After Using a Body Scrub

How often you moisturize in the summer might not be enough in the winter. Because summer air is often filled with moisture, you may find you only need one moisturizer or to only moisturize once per day. But there are no rules. In the winter, if your skin is feeling dry, moisturize again. Add a second type of moisturizer to your daily routine (for example, if you use a gel moisturizer, add a cream moisturizer). And if you’ve already used a body scrub on your arms and legs, your skin will better absorb the moisturizer.

Don’t Touch the Thermostat

When you’re cold, the easiest thing to do is turn up the heat even further. But heat is generally drying to your skin, and leads to cracked, itchy and painful winter dry skin. Instead, add a sweater or a blanket or some socks. Not only is this better for your skin, it’s better for your gas or electric bill and reduces your use of resources. 

The same goes for hot water. It feels amazing to stand in the shower a few extra minutes during the winter, but the hot water can dry out and even irritate skin. So make sure to use an organic body scrub and moisturize to keep skin hydrated and soft — and still enjoy a hot shower. 

Drink More Water to Hydrate Dry Skin

It’s widely accepted that drinking water during hot summer days is important, but it’s equally important in the winter (really, year round). Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so drinking enough water is essential to keeping your body and skin hydrated.

How Nourish Beauté Body Scrubs Can Help Hydrate Winter Dry Skin

Our organic sugar body scrubs are USDA-certified organic, and made with skin hydrating coconut and antioxidant and Vitamin E-rich sunflower oils to rejuvenate skin for a soft, smooth and flawless appearance. Made with sugar, Nourish Beaute body scrubs help exfoliate and remove dead, winter dry skin cells, without putting plastic or other unnatural items down the drain. Organic Eucalyptus Mint uplifts the senses, while Organic Lavender calms and refreshes, and Organic Coconut Body Scrub is soothing.

Eucalyptus Mint Sugar Body Scrub

Learn more about our Organic Body Scrubs. 

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