Three Sneaky Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Prevent It

About half of women will experience hair loss or thinning sometime during their lives. For men, the odds are a little more likely with about 40 percent of men showing noticeable hair loss by age 35 and 80 percent by age 80. Even though hair loss may be more common in men than women, it doesn’t mean men have a “hair death sentence” so to speak, and neither gender should be complacent in the face of hair loss.

Sometimes hair loss is expected due to age or medical treatments like chemotherapy. But sometimes the cause of hair loss is a little harder to pin down. In today’s blog, we are going to go over some of these “sneaky” reasons that your hair might be falling out. But first, don’t forget to sign up for our Nourish Beaute Insider’s Club! It’s free and you will save 15 percent on your first order of any of our hair growth products and receive extra discounts and savings!

Before we get into some common reasons for hair loss, remember that it is normal to shed about 100 hairs every day - usually, these fall out without you even noticing! If you notice thinning patches on your hair, excess hair on your pillow, or clumps falling out in the shower, then you are experiencing hair loss that can most likely be remedied by a DHT blocking shampoo (DHT is the main chemical in the body responsible for hair loss).

Three Reasons Why Your Hair Might Be Falling Out

You Recently Had A Baby

While many women revel in their luscious locks that come as a result of increased estrogen and taking extra vitamins during pregnancy. Unfortunately, most of those women are discerned to find that after giving birth, their hair thins significantly - sometimes coming out in clumps. Not only has your body just given birth (while wonderful for you, your body might see this as a traumatic event), but your hormone levels are completely out of balance for months after birth. As your hormones level out your hair will begin to replenish itself, but you can help this along by using an all-natural hair growth shampoo.

You Have An Overactive or Underactive Thyroid

Your thyroid is a gland located in the neck that produces hormones that regulates metabolism. A thyroid that produces too much or too little hormones requires medical attention. Unfortunately, thyroid disorders often result in serious hair loss. In fact, thyroid-related hair loss is what inspired our founder to develop Nourish Beaute! While medication might be prescribed to help control your thyroid, a DHT blocking shampoo can help treat hormone-related hair loss.

You Are Overstressed

Some people say, “I’m so stressed, I could pull my hair out!” Unfortunately, your body might already be doing that for you. Any sort of severe emotional or even physical stress (such as a bad car accident or illness) can cause hair loss because your body goes into “survival mode” during these times. Since hair is not necessary for survival, your body can partially or fully shut down hair production. Stress can increase also testosterone levels, which can, in turn, increase the amount of DHT in your system - the hair loss chemical. Using a hair loss prevention shampoo that encourages hair growth while discouraging hair loss can help stimulate hair production.

Hair Loss Prevention Starts At The Scalp

There are several options for how to stop hair loss, but one of the quickest ways to kick up your hair production is to use a topical hair growth product. Hair loss shampoo and conditioner from Nourish Beaute are all-natural and free of hormones and parabens while being full of vitamins and oils to nourish and strengthen your existing hair. Learn more about how our hair growth shampoo works or check out our hair growth products including our hair loss prevention shampoo, conditioner, and serum that has been clinically proven to increase hair growth and decrease hair loss by blocking DHT.

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