The Benefits of Using a Hair Mask

Whether you’ve colored your hair throughout the years or you’re using heat tools on a daily basis, it’s important to be mindful not to dry out your hair. Unlike conditioners, a hair mask repairs your hair from the inside out, leaving each strand feeling silky smooth. Let’s explore some common questions regarding hair masks along with additional benefits.

How Long Should I Wear a Hair Mask for?

Always make sure to follow the instructions on the label prior to using the hair mask. Some masks require you to leave them on for three to five minutes while others only take one minute. Additionally, there are hair masks that can be worn overnight for ultimate results. Also pay attention to the types of hair the hair mask is designed for. Most hair masks are formulated for a specific type of hair such as curly, overprocessed, dry, or fine hair to fortify and strengthen. If you don’t fall into any category, opt for a hair mask that is nutrient-rich and safe for a variety of hair types.

How Often Should I Wear a Hair Mask?

To see improvements on your hair, wear your hair mask at least once a week. Add this to your beauty regimen so you don’t forget. If your hair is severely damaged, try to use the hair mask twice a week while also scheduling regular haircuts to remove split ends.

Can I Wash My Hair Before or After a Hair Mask?

It’s important to clean your hair before applying a hair mask because dirt and product residue can build up. This buildup creates a barrier on the hair shaft which prevents nutrients from penetrating the hair. Wash your hair with warm water and shampoo but do not use conditioner. Once you use the hair mask as instructed, you can wash your hair with shampoo and cool water. Finish with conditioner and again, rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticles.

What’s the Difference Between a Hair Mask & Conditioner?

Both hair masks and conditioners strengthen the hair but hair masks affect the hair cuticle rather than just the surface strand of the hair.

Main Benefits of a Hair Mask

Repairs and Strengthens Hair

Fried, frizzy and damaged ends can be embarrassing and even the toughest conditioners might not help. You hair’s cuticles could be breaking or falling out due to blow-dryers and hair straighteners leaving the ends in rough shape. A hair mark nourishes the hair’s cuticle to repair and strengthen the hair over time.

 Rehydrates Your Hair

Dry hair is one of the most common hair concerns. Taking some time out of your day to put on a hair mask can go a long way. A hair mask will moisturize and hydrate your hair, fueling it with the nutrients it deserves. Look for hair masks with coconut oil, castor oil or shea butter if you’re in need of a deep moisturizer.

Replenishes Color Treated Hair

Coloring your hair - whether it’s ombré, highlights, bleaching or touching up grays - can be extremely damaging.  In fact, hair coloring can lead to dry, thinning hair. A hair mask restores the health of the hair and makes it silky soft, even after an intense color treatment. It’s crucial to use a reputable hair mask on color treated hair because the natural moisture of hair is stripped during the process.

Nourish Beaute’s Hair Mask to Support Hair Growth

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