Spring Hair Care: Grow Your Hair This Spring

Spring is the season of growth. Flowers bloom, grass turns a lively shade of green, and your hair… what does your hair do during the spring? Studies have shown that hair grows faster during the summer - though, don’t expect to look like Rapunzel by August. The increased rate of hair growth is hardly noticeable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning.

Hair grows on a cycle which lasts about two to six years per strand. At any given time, about 90 percent of the hair on your head is in the anagen phase, or the growing phase. The other ten percent is in either the catagen or telogen phase, which are dormant phases where the hair stops growing and eventually falls out to make way for new hair growth.

To truly capitalize on your hair’s growing potential during the summer, you want as much hair in the anagen phase as possible. Of course, nothing happens overnight when it comes to hair growth so starting to work on your luscious locks now in spring will give you a better chance at growth during the summer.

Our natural hair growth shampoo uses plant-derived active ingredients to trigger dormant hairs in the telogen phase to transition into the anagen phase and helps keep hairs in the anagen phase for longer.

How Our Natural Hair Growth Shampoo Works

Nourish Beaute’s Vitamins Shampoo and Conditioner uses the active ingredient Procapil, a biotin-derived all-natural DHT blocker that has been clinically proven to increase hair growth while reducing hair loss. DHT is a byproduct of the hormone testosterone, which both men and women have in their bodies, though, men have significantly higher levels of testosterone. DHT binds to receptors in hair follicles, causing them to shrink and stop producing hair. By using a DHT-blocking shampoo your hair follicles have the chance to re-enter the growing phase without being stopped by DHT.

Start Prepping Your Summer Hair Now

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to hair growth, nothing happens overnight. We offer a 90-day happiness guarantee on all of our hair growth products because we want to make sure you use them for long enough to truly give them a chance to work - though, some people see new growth in as little as a month.

Keep your hair healthy throughout the spring by following these hair-healthy tips:

  • Eat a balanced diet: Much of hair growth starts by providing your body with the right nutrients to build and grow hair. Eating foods that are rich in fatty acids, zinc, iron, vitamin C, and protein is a great place to start. We love loading up on pasta and other comfort foods during the cold winter, but now that spring is here, we’re incorporating lots of lean meats and leafy greens into our diet to keep our hair full and healthy.
  • Supplement your diet with vitamins for hair loss prevention: There are some essential vitamins and minerals that are harder to come by just through diet alone. Taking a daily hair growth support supplement that contains biotin and DHT-blockers can help encourage hair growth and decrease hair loss - and help our your skin and nails at the same time!
  • Use a hair growth shampoo and conditioner: As we mentioned before, our Vitamins Shampoo and Conditioner for hair loss prevention contains DHT blockers, an essential part of hair loss prevention. Try our organic hair loss shampoo!

Shop Nourish Beaute Hair Growth Products

The active ingredients in our Vitamins shampoo and Burst hair growth serum are all-natural and have both been clinically proven to increase hair growth. With our 90-day happiness guarantee, you can start your journey towards full, thick hair now and if you don’t love your results by the time summer rolls around, we’ll happily refund your products. Hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. Try Nourish Beaute hair growth products today.

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