Pros and Cons of Getting Keratin Treatments

Nothing ruins a good hair day more than the presence of frizz. It takes so much effort to eliminate frizz completely that oftentimes women feel like there’s no choice but to give in to expensive treatments like keratin in order to make it go away for months at a time.

Keratin treatments have become more popular over the last few years because of its ability to smooth frizzy hair. Also known as the Brazilian blowout, keratin treatments involve a process wherein stylists put keratin solution on the hair, then seal it using heat treatment.

What makes this treatment so attractive to many women with frizzy hair is that it significantly reduces the blow dry time, smoothens hair for a few months, and makes it look shiny. With all those benefits, how can you say no to a keratin treatment?

Well…. The truth is that you should think twice before getting a keratin treatment.

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The Reality of Keratin Treatments

 First of all, it’s not suitable for all hair types. If you already have extremely fine and thinning hair, a keratin treatment may end up making your hair look extremely flat and all.

There are also many different kinds of keratin treatments which will have different results, and much of the success of a keratin treatment will depend on the quality of your hair as well as the quality of chemicals used. Which brings me to the side effects… chemicals. Although keratin is already naturally found in your hair (as well as nails), it may seem safe to get a keratin treatment. But keep in mind that keratin is not the only component used in the treatment – it involves a lot of other chemicals, many of which a person in their right mind wouldn’t want in their hair, let alone anywhere near their body in the first place.

Aside from the chemicals, you’ll also have to stay put for three days after the treatment. This means that washing and styling of any kind (even ponytails) are prohibited because it will take a few days for the keratin solution to completely set in. If you fail to adhere to this rule, you could end up with a semi-permanent dent in your hair that could last several weeks.

Other Alternatives

Keratin treatments are not the only solution to frizz. There are also other excellent hair care products on the market which are made of natural ingredients and are much more affordable. Using shampoo and conditioners that contain Biotin, green tea, Saw Palmetto, and other good- for-your- hair ingredients will nourish your locks from the inside out without any harmful side effects.

Using hair growth serums that contain Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Biotin, Keratin, and other natural ingredients will also make styling a breeze. These ingredients are formulated to eliminate frizz in a matter of minutes, and with continued use you’ll see improvements over time. There’s no need to go chemical-crazy and make your wallet suffer if you want to enjoy frizz-free hair.


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