How You can Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Many women shell out thousands of dollars for salon treatments, that perfect cut, a great hair color, and so much more yet end up neglecting basic hair care. Did you know that your sleeping habits can damage your hair? I However, if you know the do’s and don’t of treating your hair right, you can protect your hair as you sleep.

Going to bed with your hair in mind will ensure you wake up with beautiful, healthy locks. Taking good care of your hair as you sleep is especially important if you already have thin, dry, or damaged hair.

Here’s how you can protect your hair while you get some shut-eye:

1. Never go to sleep with wet hair.

This is one of the most common mistakes that people do when it comes to basic hair care. Sleeping with wet hair makes your locks more vulnerable to damage. Blow dry your hair using the cool setting a few minutes before going to bed.

2. Use products to protect your hair

For damaged or thinning hair, apply a hair growth serum thoroughly on your hair before going to sleep. This simple remedy will moisturize and nourish your hair while you sleep. When you wake up, wash it off with a natural shampoo and conditioner. You might be surprised how gorgeous your hair will be after this ritual!

3. Use satin or silk pillowcases

These are said to enhance shine while reducing damage on your hair. If you’re not open to the idea of changing your pillowcase, you may want to consider wearing a silk scarf on your head while you sleep.

4. Don’t go to sleep with a ponytail.

Using rubber or elastic bands on your hair while you sleep will only place stress on your roots and shaft.

5. Brush your hair thoroughly before going to bed.

If you prefer using a brush, choose one with natural bristles. On the other hand, if you prefer combing, use a wide tooth comb. Brush/comb from root to tip for 5 to 10 minutes. These strokes will distribute your scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair.

6. Use a sleep cap.

People with alopecia or extreme hair loss can benefit from using sleep caps. They are light, soft, and warm; designed to ensure your head retains body heat while you sleep. Additionally, sleep caps also prevent hair from falling to your face during slumber, and also prevent you from unconsciously tugging on hair stands while you sleep.

Even though sleeping seems peaceful, you really don’t know what happens once you fall asleep. The tossing and turning could be already be exposing your hair to friction and unintentional pulling. Following these tips ensures that you take care of your hair not just in your waking hours, but while you sleep too.


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