How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun This Summer

Summer is here! Many regions of the globe are rejoicing over the feeling of sun on their face after a long, cold winter, whereas others are gearing up for even hotter weather. If you are like most, there are likely some important steps you take during the summer to protect your skin. You wear sunscreen and chapstick, and you make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But did you know that your hair needs similar protection?

We know you’ve been working hard to grow your hair; the last thing you want to do is experience a major setback because you forgot to follow some important summer hair care steps. In today’s blog, the hair care experts at Nourish Beaute are here to offer you some must-follow advice to keep your hair safe in the hot summer sun.

But first, make sure you are setting your hair up for success by using a high-quality hair growth shampoo and conditioner that won’t dry out your hair. Nourish Beaute’s products are full of nourishing vitamins, minerals, and oils that give your hair the nutrients it needs to stay shiny and full even on the hottest days.

How To Protect Your Hair This Summer

  1. Wear A Hat: While wearing a tight hat every day might cause some unnecessary friction, a floppy sun hat or a baseball cap can protect your hair for those days that you’ll be spending time in direct sunlight. Plus, this also helps to keep harmful UV rays off of your face. It’s a win-win!
  2. Use Sunscreen On Your Scalp: This is especially important if you have areas of thinning hair that make your scalp more susceptible to sunburn. Many people forget about their scalp when they slather on the SPF, but this is the part of your body that is most exposed to the sun. Massage some zinc-based sunscreen onto your exposed scalp.
  3. Be Careful With Chlorine And Salt Water: Jumping in the pool or swimming in the ocean is an integral part of summer, and doing this once or twice won’t do any harm. However, if you are spending every day at the pool or at the beach, be aware that the chlorine in pool water and the salt in ocean water can be incredibly drying. Either keep your hair out of the water or saturate your hair with water and a leave-in conditioner or hydrating hair mask. Because your hair can only hold so much moisture, pre-saturated hair is less likely to absorb chlorine and salt water.
  4. Take A Break From Heat Styling: With how much heat the sun is pumping out, continuing a regular regimen of blow dryers and flat irons can do double-damage to your hair. Embrace your natural hair texture during the summer and save heat styling for special occasions.
  5. Treat Your Hair Weekly: At least once a week use a hydrating hair mask or create a DIY mask by coating your hair with coconut or olive oil and letting it replenish for 10-15 minutes. Our hair growth hair mask has the added benefit of utilizing clinically proven hair growth ingredients and has plenty of added oils and nutrients for healthy hair. Plus, you can use this in the shower in place of conditioner. Using oil for your hair works as well, but you will need to wash and condition your hair afterward.

Nourish Your Hair This Summer With Nourish Beaute!

While there are ways to protect your hair from the summer sun, the best thing to do is to treat it right before you head to the beach or pool. Our line of hair growth products helps to nourish your hair by delivering the nutrients and hydration your hair craves. For summer, we specifically recommend our brand new hydrating hair mask! For full hair health inside and out, we also recommend our complete hair growth kit, which includes our shampoo, conditioner, hair growth serum, and hair support vitamins!

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