How To Make Limp Hair Voluminous: Your Ultimate Guide Part II

In last week’s blog, we began discussing ways to add volume to limp hair. For those wondering what could be causing your hair to be limp, we mentioned how it could be anything from an underlying medical condition to the wrong haircut to using a shampoo and conditioner that are weighing your hair down. It is important to remember that a big part of what causes limp hair isn’t necessarily bad luck or genetics, but how you take care of it. In the second part of this series on how to make limp hair voluminous, we’ll be covering some ways you can style your hair to add more volume and texture.

Start From The Roots

After you wash your hair, gently blot it dry with a towel and blow dry it or allow it to air dry until it is just damp. Then, add a root-lifting spray or volumizing mousse to the roots and brush it through. Section off your hair and use a large barrel brush to scoop workable sections of hair up. Using a low-heat setting on your blow dryer, gently pull the hair away from the scalp as you dry it, or for a quicker option, flip your hair upside down while drying it. This will help to create volume from the roots.

Embrace Texture

Perhaps you have been dealing with limp hair by straightening it, but this can actually make it look flatter and thinner. Instead, try creating soft waves or curls to add instant volume. There are ways to do this both with and without heat, so be sure to do some research to find which method will work best for you!

Use A Volumizing Mousse

We know that it can be difficult to determine which magic volumizing products are actually legit when staring at a shelf of thousands of products. The best thing to do is to understand how each product works. When it comes to volume, mousse takes the cake. Hairspray literally glues strands of hair together, but mousse coats each individual strand, making it thicker — which is why most mousse bottles will tell you to brush it through your hair. While one strand becoming thicker may not seem like much, multiply that change by the 100,000+ hairs on your head and you’re going to see some serious volume increase!

Add Some Color

Sometimes all your hair needs to look a little thicker is some expertly-placed highlights and lowlights. Because fine hair is more susceptible to damage, be sure you choose a hairstylist who knows what they’re doing and uses only the best products.

Switch Your Part

Sometimes something as simple as switching up the part you’ve maintained since middle school is all you need to add volume to limp hair. Over time, your hair becomes accustomed to laying in one direction. Changing it up and flipping it to the other side can disrupt this natural pattern and create natural volume.

And Of Course, Nourish Your Hair

Caring for your hair is a balancing act. You want to style it, and truthfully heat is the easiest way to style hair and add volume. Use heat styling in moderation and treat your hair to a weekly moisturizing mask be sure to use a nourishing hair growth shampoo that will encourage hair growth and thickening while you learn to style your hair for added volume.

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