How To Grow Out A Pixie Cut

Many women will attempt the big chop at least once in their lives. For some, a pixie cut is a look they will adopt for their entire life. For others, it is fun for a while, but eventually, they want to go back to long hair. Anyone who has grown out a pixie cut knows that it is a lot easier to chop all of your hair off than it is to grow it back out.

Cut The Mullet

Unless you’re Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1992, you likely do not want to wear your hair in a mullet. The ‘business in the front, party in the back’ may work for some, but most often it is the unfortunate side effect of growing out a pixie.

Perhaps the single best piece of advice we can offer about growing out a pixie is this: You need to wait for the front of your hair to catch up with the back. While cutting your hair at all during the growing phase might seem counterproductive, it will ensure a smooth transition from a pixie to a bob. Regularly trim the back of your hair to keep your mullet in check  — you can go to a professional or ask a trusted and steady-handed friend.

Learn To Love Styling

One of the benefits of a pixie cut is that it doesn’t require a lot of styling. Most girls rocking short hair will simply roll out of bed and be ready for the day or, at most, tousle their hair with some texturizing paste. Growing out a pixie, though, requires a little more styling to make sure you’re looking your best.

You also want to make sure you aren’t damaging your brand new hair, so attempt to keep heat styling to a minimum, especially if you are also coloring your hair. However, for those days when you do break out the curling rod, adding some loose curls to your hair is a great way to make a half-grown-out pixie look truly stunning. For non-heat options, you can twist and pin your hair with bobby pins or braid your bangs back. Youtube is full of tutorials about how to style a pixie cut that you can use to help this process along.

Accessories Are Your New Best Friend

You will quickly learn how important headbands, decorative clips, and head scarfs are to camouflaging the awkward phases of growing a pixie. You can hide the entire back half of your hair in a decorative scarf, hat, or beanie. Using a headband to push your hair back behind your ears can give the illusion of a short bob. For the perfect summer look, use a bandana to tie your hair up in a pin-up girl style and tousle the back.

Growing Out Your Hair? Let Us Help?

Enhance Your Hair Growth Potential

Based on how fast your hair grows, you might be able to grow your hair into a cute flapper bob in three months, or it might take a year. Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, and giving your hair the nourishment it needs to grow long and strong is key to a quick growing-out process.

That’s where we come in. Truthfully, the internet is full of advice on how to best grow out a pixie — after all, women have been growing out their pixies for ages and there’s been a lot of time for them to share what works and what doesn’t. However, there are only a handful of truly powerful and effective hair growth shampoos that work, and we’re one of them. Nourish Beaute offers hair growth shampoo and conditioner with clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to not only increase hair growth but also decrease and even reverse hair loss.

Whether you’re growing out a pixie or simply want your pixie cut to have a little more volume and thickness, we’ve got you covered. Our hair growth shampoo not only encourages your hair to grow faster and healthier, but also keeps it shiny and lush with coconut oil, castor oil, biotin, and more nourishing ingredients. Unlike other hair growth shampoos out there that use harsh and irritating chemicals, our shampoo uses the active ingredient Procapil, a powerful DHT blocker that is derived from biotin, oleanolic acid (found in olive trees) and apigenin (derived from citrus). This patented formula ensures that our product is gentle on hair and tough on hair loss. Grow out your pixie with ease with our hair growth shampoo and conditioner set!

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