So, it finally started to happen. You thought you were just imagining things, but as you look in the mirror, you are seeing more and more of your scalp and you’re making an extra loop in your ponytail. Thinning hair is nothing to be ashamed of, and a majority of the population will experience some amount of hair loss throughout their lives. However, that doesn’t mean you have to fully embrace this new lack of hair.

The best thing you can do for your thinning hair is to get help for it. If your hair is suddenly falling out in clumps or you think there may be an underlying medical condition or deficiency causing your fallout, talk to your doctor or a dermatologist. They can run tests and rule out any easy solutions that could be due to your diet or a certain medication.

One of the biggest reasons for thinning hair as we age isn’t a medical condition, but genetics. For some, this starts in their late teens, and for others it might not start until 50 or 60. It’s different for everybody, but using a clinically proven hair loss shampoo is a great step to take toward reclaiming a full head of hair.

Remember, there is a way to regrow hair and keep it full and healthy, but nothing will happen overnight. Keep your head up, and try the tips and tricks below to disguise thinning hair while you’re working on growing it back.

How To Disguise Thinning Hair

Go Short With Plenty Of Layers

Long hair can actually look a lot thinner than short hair. Not only does all that extra length weigh it down and make it lie flat against your head, but often the ends of long hair look thin, split, or broken. It might be time to do a big chop and choose a more blunt edge with lots of layers up top.

Add Some Dynamic Color

Sometimes all thinning hair needs is a little dimension. Choose a reputable salon that uses high-quality dyes that won’t ruin your hair, and have them add some highlights and lowlights to make your hair look like it has some more depth to it.

Change Your Part

If you have been parting your hair in the exact same place since middle school, you might be surprised when you change the part to the other side and your hair appears fuller and thicker. The part in your hair exposes your scalp to the elements. That section takes the brunt of the tugging, brushing, product, and more that can eventually weaken those follicles. Flip your hair to the other side to see what you’re working with!

Break Out The Blow Dryer

We know, we know. Usually when you’re trying to protect your delicate hair, you want to stay away from heat styling. But air-dried hair is often limp and lifeless, and air-dried thinning hair is even more susceptible to not looking its best. Use a hair thickening mousse and low-medium heat to style and dry your hair for extra volume.

Ask Your Hairstylist For Help

When it comes to disguising thinning hair, your hairstylist is your best friend. While we specialize in hair loss prevention products, they specialize in styling all types and thicknesses of hair. They can examine your hair from all angles and determine a cut, color, and style that will help you cover up thinning patches. They can even teach you what styling products to use that won’t weigh down your hair and how to incorporate accessories to create volume.

Choose The Right Shampoo For Thinning Hair

Like we said above, nothing happens overnight, but using the tips above can help disguise thinning areas while you follow a hair growth regimen that can help your hair grow faster and decrease hair loss. Shop our products today!

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