How To Block DHT And Regrow Hair Naturally

Many people ask us, “How does hair growth shampoo work?” We promise it’s not magic. While no two hair growth products are exactly the same, they all contain some sort of active ingredient that encourages hair growth. Different ingredients work in different ways, and only a few are clinically proven to help hair grow.

Nourish Beaute hair growth products use a couple active ingredients depending on whether you are getting our hair growth shampoo, brow or hair serum, or another product. The important thing to remember about Nourish Beaute is that we only use natural ingredients, most of which are derived from plants. Unlike other hair growth products on the market, our products have not received any reports of negative side effects like itching or burning, and they are a hormone-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, all-natural treatment for hair loss

So, why have we been going on about active ingredients? It is because that’s what makes our hair growth products work. Today, we’re going to be specifically focusing on our DHT blocker shampoo. This hair growth shampoo contains the active ingredient Procapil, DHT blocker naturally derived from biotin. You can learn more about what DHT is and how it affects hair growth. But, in short, DHT is a chemical byproduct of testosterone, a hormone present in large amounts in men and small amounts in women that triggers hair fall to fall out. DHT targets hair follicles and shrinks them, causing them to no longer produce hair at all or to product thinner, more brittle hair.

Natural DHT Blockers For Hair Growth

We believe that natural is best, especially when it comes to things that you put on or in your body. There are two main types of DHT blockers: topical and internal. Topical DHT blockers are those you apply directly to your scalp, whereas internal DHT blockers are ones that you consume in the form of DHT blocker vitamins for thinning hair, for example.

We’ve compiled a list of natural DHT blockers that are found in our hair growth shampoo, vitamins, conditioner, serum, and other products. For those with food sensitivities, you’ll be happy to know our hair growth vitamins, as well as our topical products, are free from gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, years, nuts, and shellfish.

Saw Palmetto Extract: Saw Palmetto has long been an ingredient used to treat enlarged prostates in men. It makes sense, then, that is can also be used to block testosterone-derived DHT that prevents hair growth.
Green Tea Extract: Green tea contains DHT-inhibiting properties and also works as an anti-inflammatory, both of which are wins for hair growth. One study, in fact, showed that mice who experience hair loss and were given green tea extract in their drinking water showed significant increased hair growth after six months. As a reminder, Nourish Beaute does not test our products on animals but results from previous scientific research help us determine our natural ingredients.
Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins, a flavonoid that helps to trigger hair follicles to change from the resting phase to the anagen (growing) phase while blocking DHT.
Procapil: We’ve saved the best, and more powerful, for last. Procapil is a naturally-derived herbal DHT blocker that we use in our hair growth shampoo. It has been clinically proven to be more effective than other popular hair growth ingredients yet remains all-natural does not have any known negative side effects or interactions with other products.

Block DHT Naturally With Nourish Beaute Today

DHT has been shown to be a leading cause of hair loss for both men and women, and there are natural ways to block it topically and internally to encourage hair growth while decreasing hair loss. Try our natural DHT blocking shampoo and other hair growth products today.

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