How Much Should I Wash My Hair? Find Your Balance. Nourish In-Between.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

One of the most asked questions the Nourish team gets from our clients is, “How often should I wash my hair?”  

Others include: “Am I washing too much?” and “Am I washing enough?”

You can search the web and find a lot of opinions and different guidelines, but the reality is that only you can figure out how much is too much or when maybe it’s time to dial your washing frequency up or down a bit. Everyone’s hair and scalp are different and UNIQUE.  

When you aren’t washing enough, you can start experiencing symptoms of dandruff, itchy scalp and, yes, even hair loss.

When you are washing too much, your hair becomes overtaxed, which results in scalp irritation, dry, unhealthy hair that can thin, and yes, once again, even hair loss. 

Find Your Balance

It’s time to experiment. Find your balance. As long as your hair seems to have a normal oiliness with medium weight, you can usually go a few days without washing. Monitor your hair and your scalp. Starting to feel itchy? Seeing some flakes? Okay, it’s time to wash.

Is your hair starting to feel a little bit like wire? Does your scalp seem inflamed? Time to slow down, because you might be stripping the essential oils and nutrients your hair needs to be healthy and full.


Is There Something I Can Do In-Between Washes?

YES. Here’s the fun part! You can make this underwashing and overwashing dilemma much easier. Use a dry shampoo in the interim to keep your hair perfectly balanced without jeopardizing the look, volume, and health of your hair. Some even have success with going up to four or five days without washing with the use of dry shampoo immediately when the hair is dry after washing. 

We just released the perfect product to help you out with this. The NourishBounce Dry Shampoo Powder. Our new formula goes on easily with no mess, instantly boosts volume, absorbs excess dirt and oils, and best of all, promotes hair growth. Plus, it’s also completely made up of clean ingredients! This keeps your hair perfectly balanced in-between washes, making your life that much easier. 

What Else Can I Do to Keep My Hair Balanced?

  1. Pay attention to ingredients -- want to find something as wholesome as possible.
  2. Proper washing technique -- shampoo only the scalp with a rich lather, rinse completely until water runs clear, condition from middle to ends of hair and rinse.
  3. Regular salon appointments -- stylists are an excellent source of advice for specific hair types. Even small hair trims every 8 weeks or a nourishing conditioning treatment 4x a year will give your hair a healthy boost + do wonders for your self-care routine and general mental health.
  4. Consider a scalp massage -- either professionally done or in the comfort of your own home, regular scalp massages stimulate the hair follicle, helping hair grow thick and strong. Scalp massages also improve blood circulation to the scalp and help prevent dry, flaky scalp irritation.


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