Why Does Dehydration Cause Hair Loss?

The entire human body requires water for cell growth. Water helps deliver nutrients to each cell, and aids in the removal of waste from the body. On average, we lose around three quarts of water each day and if this water loss isn’t replenished, this results in dehydration. Because the body relies on water for so many functions, a dehydrated state prevents your body from performing at its best. This also affects your hair and can lead to hair loss and breakage.

Signs of dehydration include headaches, muscle weakness, fatigue, and dizziness. Nutrition, as well as staying hydrated, is critical to healthy hair. Water makes up a fourth of each hair strand, and hair follicles require your body to have adequate stores of water to grow new hair.

Although mild or short-term dehydration won’t have serious consequences on your hair, being dehydrated all the time will lead to hair loss and hair breakage. If you aren’t getting enough water, the body diverts the remaining water to help your vital organs function. This means that the hair follicles will stop producing new hair, and chronic dehydration will cause your follicles to stop producing enough hair strands that you naturally shed in a day.

Hair Products That Fight Dehydration and Hair Loss

Our product line focuses on all-natural ingredients that include clinically proven ingredients that stop hair loss and thicken hair. They also include ingredients that boost your hair’s hydration levels. Key natural ingredients to look for to boost hydration are glycerin, jojoba oil, aloe vera, keratin, argan oil and more.

Vitamins Hair Growth Support Conditioner - This client favorite is a must-have for all hair care regimens. This vitamin-rich conditioner features DHT blockers (like Baicapil™ and Redensyl®) to help fight thinning hair and promote natural hair regrowth.  It also is loaded with moisturizing ingredients that combat the dehydration that leads to hair loss. 


Premium Hair Growth Support Restorative Mask- This is a first aid kit designed for your hair! Infused with glycerin, shea butter, and acai fruit oil, this restorative mask for your hair deeply hydrates your hair to restore it to its natural health and beauty. This mask is designed to protect your hair against over-stressing and over-drying from heat appliances and styling tools. 


Fresh and Clean Hair Growth Support Shampoo - This premium, sulfate-free DHT blocker shampoo is designed to help fight thinning hair and promote natural hair regrowth, without over-stripping your scalp's natural oils. Packed with hydrating ingredients, including keratin proteins and acai fruit oil, this hair growth shampoo is excellent at keeping your hair fully hydrated. 

Hydration Tips for Complete Wellbeing 

Drinking water may come naturally to most people, but the rest of us need a little help being reminded to drink water. Here’s what you can do:

1. Add some flavor to your water.
Many people dislike the idea of drinking several liters of water a day. However, changing it up by giving your water some flavor (and nutrition) by adding some fruits and vegetables can make it much more enjoyable. Some great fruits you can add to water are cucumbers, lemons, and strawberries.

2. Always have water with you.
Have a filled water jug ready at your desk to remind you to drink a glass or two every few hours. If you’re on the go frequently, take a tumbler wherever you go, and keep one in your car.

3. Avoid food and drinks that cause dehydration.
Eating certain foods and drinks can cause you to lose more water than usual. Some of these include coffee, alcohol, sugary drinks, and fruit juices. If you find yourself indulging in these, make up for it by drinking an extra glass or two to replenish the lost fluids. Lack of sleep also causes dehydration, so if you find yourself battling a work day after just a few hours of sleep, drink up.

4. Set a timer.
An easy and simple trick to remind yourself to stay hydrated is by setting a timer on your phone. An alarm every hour is sufficient to help you get in an eight-ounce glass of water throughout the day. You can also change it up: for example, drinking coconut water one time, or a cup of tea another. 


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