Argan oil has been a staple in the hair care routines of many women for years, and with good reason! Argan oil has been called “liquid gold” because of its rich nutrient profile. But, does Argan oil actually help with hair growth? Yes. Here’s how.

Moisturize Your Hair 

Argan oil is extremely rich, and as a result is one of the best conditioners for your hair. It has a large supply of vitamin A and vitamin E that help boost cell production, and regenerate hair follicles. It also penetrates deep to moisturize and nourish the keratin, or building blocks of hair strands.

Restore Hair with Argan Oil 

Argan oil contains fatty acids like omega-6 and linoleic acid that are known for their anti-oxidant properties. Hair can become dull over time from exposure to styling, color treatments, weather and even just naturally from aging. Argan oil helps repair hair and restore luster and shine.

Grow Lustrous Locks

When we think about hair growth, we often focus on the hair, and neglect the scalp. A healthy scalp is critical for hair growth. You wouldn’t plant a flower in a bed of clay and expect it to grow. You have to provide the optimal conditions for hair growth if you want your hair to grow. Argan oil moisturizes your scalp and nourishes your follicles making it easier for hair to develop and grow. It also helps improve the blood flow to the scalp, so you can get the most out of your nutrition or hair growth support supplement.


The easiest way is to use a shampoo (like GOLD Label by Nourish Beaute) that contain Argan oil. Formulated to moisturize, and stimulate

Spray or Oil Applications: You can use spray or pump oil application of Argan oil. Be careful to use sparingly, as too much oil can actually weigh down the hair. Many women spray argan oil on the ends of their hair before heat styling to help moisturize and protect the hair.


nourish beaute total hair growth systemWhile Nourish Beaute products are best known for treating hair loss, they do so much more than that!

Formulated with natural botanicals, vitamins and oils, our products are designed to leave your hair softer, stronger and more manageable. Get the healthy, nourished hair you crave and try the Nourish Beaute Total Hair Growth System!

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