Anxiety And Hair Loss: 4 Ways To Save Your Healthy Hair

Our bodies are complicated, yet very simple when it comes to illnesses and issues. The body always indicates when there’s a problem by giving off certain signs that we call symptoms. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a simple formula to fix what is wrong. Oftentimes, there is a combination of many things both internal and external that affect the health of our bodies.

Scientists have linked stress, one of the biggest troublemakers to our health, with various physical and psychological conditions. There is strong evidence that stress and anxiety can largely damage the health of the hair and cause a severe hair loss.

When an individual is faced with a lot of stress, it is only logical that their health will be affected, and hair loss will be part of the issues. People find hair loss a big stress-causing problem so it can only enhance the worry and amplify all the stressful situations they are facing. This vicious cycle is very hard to stop and is leaving people with feelings of helplessness.

Hair loss from anxiety can occur in two ways. One way is due to physiological changes. Physiological changes include changes in nutritional diet and sleeping patterns. Both of these can negatively affect the body, namely hair health. Hair loss effects can be anywhere from losing just a few more strands than usual, to losing large clumps from the scalp. If you notice these changes in hair loss, immediately consult with your doctor, they can run tests and find out what may be causing the problem. Another way stress and anxiety cause hair loss is through compulsive hair- pulling behavior, such as trichotillomania. This is a more external cause, meaning that the hair loss isn’t happening from within, but the person pulls out their own hair when in stressful situations, often subconsciously.

After you find out the exact causes your hair loss, you are able to break the cycle and reverse it with simple changes in your day-to- day activities, dietary habits, and stress management.


Spare Your Hair

When facing hair loss, you need to go easy on the chemicals, heat devices, and all the other styling tools – at least until you fix the problem. This is solely because when hair loss occurs, the entire hair from roots to ends is weak and breakage-prone. Is can easily be pulled off and it isn’t as damage-resistant as it would normally be. Use mild shampoos and gentle conditioners at this point, because their chemicals can also be damaging.

Healthy Diet

Feeding your body with nourishing foods that contain vitamins and minerals is essential to hair health. You can supplement, but the ingredients found in healthy foods are still vital to the health of your hair. Besides eating plenty of fruits and veggies, drink large amounts of water since it will hydrate your skin and hair and give them elasticity and vitality.


You can’t have healthy eating without the exercising part. The two go together and both should be practiced. Start with activities you like, 3-4 times a week. Don’t overstress your body by exercising vigorously in the beginning. Sporting should relax you, not stress you further.

Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is the best medicine for stress. Nothing can relieve you like a good 8-hour sleep in the night. Don’t go to sleep past midnight and leave all your electronic devices in the other room. The quality of your sleep will tremendously improve in no time, and the health benefits are just a bonus.

Incorporate these simple changes in your lifestyle, and remember that you need to be
persistent. It’s all about practice, but once you realize how good they make you feel, you won’t want to go back for anything.


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