We are more than just a hair growth shampoo company — here at Nourish Beaute, we focus on helping you nourish all the elements that make you, you! One of those elements is your gorgeous lashline. The eyes are one of the first things people notice about you, and you can help draw more attention to them by having a gorgeous and thick lash line. Keep reading to learn about six important ways to help your eyelashes grow!

How To Get Eye-Mazing Eyelashes

Never Sleep In Your Makeup

Taking off your makeup before bed is good advice for healthy skin, but it is also vital for healthy eyelashes. Eyelashes are nothing more than hair that grows out of follicles. Imagine if you covered the hair on your head in a thick coat of mascara every day — you wouldn’t want to sleep in that, so make sure not to sleep in your eyelash mascara either.

Avoid Waterproof Mascara

If you’re heading to your own wedding, by all means, swipe on a few layers of waterproof mascara. But it is best to not make it an everyday habit. Waterproof mascara is incredibly drying and nearly impossible to get off. Even with an eye makeup remover, getting all that mascara off requires a lot of rubbing which can pull out lashes.

Stay Stress-Free

Just as stress can cause the hair on your head to fall out, it can have the same effect on your eyelashes. Not only does stress create a chemical trigger in your body that can cause your lashes to shed, it also results in things like crying or rubbing your tired eyes. This can cause irritation around the eyelashes or you might accidentally pull them out.

Eat Well And Take Hair Growth Vitamins

Like we mentioned above, your eyelashes are simply hairs, so they require similar vitamins and nutrients to grow long and strong. Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss, so making sure you are eating plenty of fresh, non-processed foods and taking a supplementary hair growth vitamin is essential — plus, you’ll reap the benefits of hair vitamins on your skin and nails, too! It’s a win-win-win!

Use An Eyelash Growth Serum

Here at Nourish Beaute, we offer hair, brow, and eyelash growth serums in our hair growth product line. You might be wondering why you would need three different serums if, you guessed it, eyelashes are just hair. While these contain a lot of the same healthy-hair ingredients, the formulas vary due to their intended purpose as well as safety. While our products do not contain any parabens, alcohols, or harsh chemicals, it is important to remember that your eyes are an incredibly sensitive area, so you should use any lash and brow growth serum only as intended.  Our powerful eyelash growth serum contains two lash growth ingredients (SymPeptide XLash and Widelash), which are specifically formulated for helping your eyelashes grow. In addition, it also contains nourishing ingredients like biotin, castor oil, and keratin. Just swipe some on before bed and you’ll quickly see results!

Create A Bedtime Routine

While the above may seem like a lot of steps, if you create a special bedtime routine, it will be much easier to accomplish them all. Start by investing in a gentle makeup-removing facewash that isn’t harsh on your skin and has a scent you love. Wash your face in warm water and be sure to suds up around your eyes to remove your mascara. Then, swipe on the Bang Eyelash Growth Serum from Nourish Beaute as directed. Next, do something to help clear your mind of all the worry and stress from the day. You can use some calming essential oils, read a chapter or two in your favorite book, meditate, or even just put on your favorite Netflix series. Just don’t forget to start the next morning with a healthy breakfast and your vitamins!

Start Your Journey To Fuller Lashes Today!

Nourish Beaute specializes in hair growth products, and that includes your eyelashes! Try our eyelash growth serum today to start your quest for better lashes!

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