6 Must Have Cuts To Add Volume to Your Winter Hair

When you have thin hair, one of the biggest challenges is finding trendy haircuts that add volume to your look. Luckily, 2018 has many cuts that will add texture and generate more volume.

After checking out these must have looks and getting a new cut, there are some quality products from Nourish Beaute that can give you even more volume and make your hair look luxuriously full.

long layered pixie

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The Long Layered Pixie

This traditional look is perfect for women of all ages that are looking to get the most out of her short hair style. The long layered pixie adds great amounts of volume in the front and back, and looks great with just about any color choice this season.

mixed length pixie

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Mixed Length Pixie

The mixed length pixie is a stylish way to show off your personality. The layers will add volume, and the shorter sides provides a more edgy look. The mixed length pixie is a continued hot trend from 2017 and shows no sign of slowing down.

short layered pixie

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Short Layered

This style is great for building volume. The short layered look can be clean and sleek or choppy. It works really well with the ombre look. The short layers can help thin hair build the volume every thin haired lady desires. 

Wide Swept Bangs

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Wide Side Swept Bang Pixie Cut

Combining the color trend of buttery blonde with a wider side swept bang pixie is a winning combination. This extremely sultry look for short haired ladies is perfect for the 2018 season.

deep side parted pixie

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Deep Side Parted Pixie

This cut is perfect for those looking to make a change to short hair. It is one of the few styles that grows out well. The deep side parted pixie can add texture and volume, giving thin hair the appearance of fullness.

bombshell bob

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The Bombshell Bob

Looking for a way to make your platinum blonde pop and give you more texture? The bob is a classic way to add texture to fine or thinning hair, and works well with most face shapes because it is extremely versatile.


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