5 Ways Sugar Ruins Your Hair and Nails

5 Ways Sugar is Bad for Your Hair & Nails After the holiday season ends, many of us start thinking a little more about our food and nutrition choices. We know the benefit of eating less sugar for the positive effects on our waistline and metabolism, but did you know sugar can wreak havoc on your hair and nails?

Sugar can shrink your follicles
An increase in sugar consumption causes the body to increase insulin production. As a result of the increased insulin, our bodies will also increase the amount of a chemical, called androgen, being produced. This chemical causes hair follicles to shrink which results in the accelerated thinning of your hair.

Sugar discolors nails
A diet that is high in sugar can result in the nails taking on a red-purple hue. And it's not only the traditional foods that are associated with sugar, such as sugar-laden baked goods (like cakes and biscuits), chocolates and sweets, that can cause discoloration in nails. It can also be caused by a high level of consumption of high starch vegetables and high sugar fruits (think of those berry and tropical fruit-filled morning juices and smoothies).

Sugar can cause an itchy, red scalp
Another sign that you are consuming too much sugar is if your scalp is itchy and red. This is because the oil secretions caused by sugar consumption can actually cause dandruff.

Sugar dries your hair and makes nails brittle
An over consumption of sugar may also limit our bodies ability to absorb all of the minerals and vitamins (including protein and vitamins B and E) that are necessary to help to keep our hair and nails from getting brittle and dry. Brittle nails can also be painful and expensive (think of all those false nails that you need to pay for to cover up your own broken ones!). So, if you have noticed that your hair is breaking off when you brush it, or your nails are chipping easily, the amount of sugar in your diet may be the reason.

Sugar causes hair to prematurely gray.
Finally, and perhaps the most distressing effect that sugar can have on your hair is premature graying. It is commonly known that sugar can hasten the onset of signs of aging, which of course, include the graying of hair. In fact, in modern society, it has become commonplace for hair to begin graying in some people in their 20s, and for females to be completely gray even in their early 30s. 

Our diet plays a huge role in our hair growth, but sugar is often something that is overlooked. In fact most Americans eat way more than the recommended 24g daily!

While you work to change your diet and include less sugar, you can work to change the condition of your hair.

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