5 Trendy Hairstyles For Thicker Looking Hair This 2018 Season

We all want to have thicker, fuller looking hair. Thicker hair gives off a sexy appeal and inspires confidence.

If your thinning or fine hair isn’t what you had hoped for. There are some fantastic options for 2018 that give the illusion of fuller hair, just by getting a new cut and color. After a makeover, make sure to check out Nourish Beaute products to get the most out of your new look.

woman with sunglasses, thick short blonde hair

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1. Buttery Blonde with a Layered Bob

This look takes two trendy hair concepts for 2018 and combines them to make magic. Having darker roots instantly creates the illusion of thicker hair, paired with a buttery blonde, it’s a winning combination.

The layered bob works well with straight or wavy hair and can provide a textured look that is going to be a hot trend this season. 

woman with layered blonde hair

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2. The Balayage Bob

This hairstyle is great for anyone with fine hair. The key for fine is not to go too long with a style because it gets weighed down, making hair look flat and not full at all. The bob helps to create volume, especially when styled. The balayage coloring is a continuing trend that already has a firm footing in 2018. 

balayage blonde bob

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3.Single Length Bob

As you have probably guessed, a bob is the perfect option for creating thicker looking hair. A blunt cut, single layer haircut will make the ends look not as stringy. While this one length cut looks great on blondes and brunettes alike, a good match for the single length bob is darker colors like cinnamon red, or even an ombre.

single length bob

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4.Long Layered Ombre

The exception to the rule of short hair is better for fine hair, is the the long layered ombre look. This look allows fine hair to have the long locks, while not sacrificing the idea of fuller hair.

The ombre helps to create the illusion of fullness as well. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

long layered ombre bob

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5. Choppy Blonde Lob

This long bob style is great for giving both fullness and the illusion of volume. The cut can be playful and add much needed texture to fine hair. The lob plays well with many different colors including softer creamy blonde shades, or a sultry deep chocolate brown.

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