5 Things To Remember When You’re Dealing With Hair Loss

Our founder created Nourish Beaute because she was experiencing hair loss and could not find a product that worked. We hear this a lot here. There are so many products that promise results and few deliver. At Nourish Beaute, our hair loss prevention products contain clinically-proven active ingredients to help encourage hair growth while decreasing hair loss. We know that thinning hair can be frustrating, but we have a few things to keep in mind as you continue your journey toward better hair.

You notice your thinning hair more than anybody else.

We know this is the hardest thing to accept, but you are your biggest critic. Consider this: There are about 80 million adults in the united states dealing with hair loss. Two in three men over the age of 35 have thinning hair, and half of women over the age of 50 are experiencing hair loss. You likely see dozens or even hundreds of people every day, and you likely rarely think, “Wow, look at that person’s hair loss!” The same truth goes for how others view you.

Hair regrowth takes time.

Hair grows on a cycle. The growing phase lasts two to seven years, meaning that if nothing physically plucks the hair from your head, strands in the growing phase should be there for a while. Then hair moves into the transitional phase, where it will stay for about a week, and finally moves into the shedding phase, where it will naturally loosen from its follicle and fall out after about three months. Hair thinning occurs when the length of the growing phase shortens and you have more hair moving into the shedding phase than normal. While our hair loss prevention products can help trigger the growing phase and prolong it, it is still a cycle and it will take several months to see results.

You are not your hair.

Thick hair can make us confident and it can make us feel attractive, but it doesn’t make us who we are. The thickness or sparsity of your hair does not define your character or your personality, and at the end of the day, your friends and family are going to love you for you, not your hair — despite what models might make you think!

You’re not alone.

Like we mentioned above, a majority of the population will experience hair loss. Sometimes there is comfort in knowing you are not alone. Think back to when you were in high school and had hormonal acne popping up like crazy — some of us even deal with this into adulthood! When you looked in the mirror, it was likely all you could focus on. However, when you went to school and saw that your classmates were also experiencing acne, it likely made it a little easier to accept.

Your hair only makes up a small part of your appearance.

While you may be thinking that losing your hair is like losing a limb, remember that you have other features that you can accessorize and accentuate. You can wear jewelry, hats, scarves, and other accessories. Guys, maybe you can grow a thick beard that will make the nearest lumberjack jealous or you have a neat new bowtie you’ve been dying to try out. Ladies, draw attention to your lips with a bold, bright lipstick or try donning that necklace you bought but never wear. There are lots of other things that make your appearance unique, and your hair is just one of them!

Start Making Progress With A Hair Loss Prevention Regimen

Remember, you have the power to take action and reclaim your hair. Start by using a clinically proven hair loss prevention regimen like we offer here at Nourish Beaute! If you’re not happy, we’ll refund you. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you start working to decrease hair loss.

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