5 Signs You Are Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss is never a fun thing to experience, but it is important to remember that hair loss does not happen overnight. Unless someone shaves your head while you’re sleeping, you won’t go to bed one night with a full head of hair and wake up bald. There are many early signs of hair loss, and as your hair loss prevention shampoo company, we’re here to offer some signs that your hair is currently thinning. The good news, though, is that if you take action before hair loss becomes too severe, there is a good chance that with a little patience and the right hair products, you can grow your hair back.

Signs Of Hair Loss

  1. Hair is clogging up the shower drain: If your shower is suddenly draining slower, it might be an issue with your hair rather than your pipes. It is normal to shed some hair in the shower, and typically these strands will flow down the drain without a problem. However, when you are losing a high volume of hair every time you shower, the hair can get tangled in the drain, causing a blockage.
  2. Finding hairs on your pillow: Similarly to what we said above, shedding a couple hairs at night is no big deal, and finding a stray hair here or there is no cause for concern. However, waking up to a pillow full of hair, especially if that hair is in clumps, should be a cause for concern.
  3. Seeing more of your scalp: If your part is looking a little wider than usually or you suddenly feel like you can see your scalp, you could be experiencing some serious hair loss. It is important to pay attention to the pattern of hair loss. Patchy bald areas could be a sign of an underlying medical condition, whereas general thinning might simply be the beginnings of genetic hair loss.
  4. Hairbrush is full of hair: Every now and then, we look at our hair brushes and think, “Wow! I should clean that!” After pulling out all of the collected hair and throwing it in the trash, we go on to brush our hair again. Long hair will get caught in a hairbrush a lot more easily than short or medium-length hair, and some brushes hold on to hair better than others. Because of that, we can’t tell you what the “normal” length of time is between cleanings. However, if you find that you used to clean your brush once a month, and now you find yourself pulling the hair out once a week, that could be a sign of hair loss.
  5. Receding hairline: In general, men and women experience thinning hair differently. Women typically experience all-over thinning, whereas many men look in the mirror and find a hairline that is higher up than it used to be, or will notice balding at the crown of their head. If you notice your hairline creeping up, either all along the front or just at the peaks, you’re likely entering into a phase of hair loss.

Choose The Right Products To Regrow Hair

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