4 Ways Panthenol Helps Nourish Hair


Your hair, oftentimes long and nourished hairs take our breath away and leave us wondering how to accomplish just that: long healthy hair, despite the coloring and styling processes we do daily. It’s true, if you color your hair too often, and you use heat devices to curl or straighten it, you will have to cut it regularly in order to get rid of the split ends. But you know well that by doing so, you aren’t able to grow your hair.

However, there are certain naturally derived chemicals and vitamins that can save your hair from the drying effects of the heat, give it a healthy glow and nourish it to grow stronger. One of these is the Panthenol molecule produced by derivation processes from the Vitamin B5. Before going deeper into its benefits, let’s see more of the chemistry behind it...

What is Panthenol?

Panthenol is an active, organic molecule derived from the B5 vitamin that has a mirror-
molecular structure. Due to its double structure, its effectiveness is different depending on the biological and chemical processes used to produce it. What this means is that it acts differently when used in beauty products – in shampoos and conditioners the Panthenol molecules are used as humectants, while in gels and mousses they have other effects.

The Benefits of Panthenol

Panthenol is one of the most widely used compounds in all beauty products for hair and skin as well. There are brands that use it in all their products and with the right to do so. Here are the main benefits of using Panthenol onto your hair:

Moisturizer: Not only Panthenol helps the hair absorb moisture, but more importantly, it locks it in the hair, making it retain vitality and flexibility. The most common reason for hair damage is the dryness, so due to Panthenol’s natural ability to make the shaft of the hair to swell absorbing and keeping the strands moisturized, it enables each tress the protection it needs.

Hair Thickener: By applying Panthenol onto your hair, you are making it appear thicker, more vital and elastic. This is thanks to the increased amount of moisture each strand of hair holds on to. By doing so, you will notice (especially in curly hair) that your hair has more volume, it holds higher and has a better bounce that no product can give you. By thickening your hair, you add years to it and you are able to keep it long for an extended amount of time without having to cut it.

Quickens Detangling Time: As the body of the hair becomes more breakage-resistant and smoother at the same time, it is only logical that it won’t tangle as much as it used to because each strand of hair will be covered in moisture and softness. Tangling can be a real nightmare for those of you with curly hairs, but also for the straight ones too, so with Panthenol, you are able to avoid tangling once and for all.

Pearl Shine: Don’t we all long for that million-dollar shine that lost its pearls once you dyed your hair? Well, now you can get the luxurious look back by using Panthenol each time you wash your hair. The hair lacks shine because the natural moisture and oils have been stripped by treating it chemically, however, this B5 vitamin coats each strand, making the bonds of the hair chemically tight in order to reflect the light and enhance its shine. Now that’s a million-dollar hair!


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