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Check out some of these great reviews from people who have experienced success with Nourishe Beaute’s flagship natural hair loss treatment, our Vitamins hair loss shampoo for women and men.

“I have been using this shampoo and the conditioner for a few months now and cannot believe the results! I have baby hairs growing all over my head. I have been to dermatologists and used everything under the sun but my hair has continued to thin. This is the only product that has given me hope. Totally worth a try for anyone that is struggling with hair loss.” 

This is a common sentiment from many who have been struggling with thinning hair for some time - spending lots of time and money on hair regrowth products that do not work. At Nourish Beaute, our hair loss shampoo and conditioner, along with our other hair growth products, are based on science - not promises. You can learn more about that here! And as always, every Nourish Beaute product comes with a 90-day happiness guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“I have thick hair already, but since having children, my normal cycle of hair growth and loss has changed significantly. It is yielding fistsful of hair lost every time I wash over several days per cycle. I started using this shampoo a few weeks ago in conjunction with my normal "for color treated hair" conditioner of choice. While I haven't necessarily noticed tremendous growth, I have noticed that my hair loss has decreased a good bit. I will definitely recommend this shampoo to friends as they go through postpartum hair loss, as I believe it would be a great addition to a new mother's beauty regimen.”

We have many reviews like this, and most often, the user will come back in a few months and leave another amazing review when they can truly see the results. It is very easy to notice hair loss - it ends up in our shower drains or on our pillows! However, noting hair growth takes a little more patience because often growth begins in the form of fine so-called “baby hairs” that are difficult to see. These hairs will eventually move through the cycle like the rest of our hair and become strong and thick.

Additionally, this user mentioned a change in hair loss and growth after having children. Many women love what prenatal vitamins do to their hair and skin while pregnant, but unfortunately, women’s bodies go through so many hormonal changes after giving birth that they can experience significant hair loss for months afterward. Our hair loss shampoo for women and men helps to combat postpartum hair loss by blocking DHT - a chemical derived from testosterone that is a culprit for hair loss in both men and women.

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